Non-smoker saved by a cigarette

It’s all over the media that cigarette smokers are liable to die young. And truly, we’ve also seen people die of cancer, heart and lung diseases thanks to nicotine but one man thinks health experts lied about the other side of smoking – it can save lives, too.

While non-smokers are advised by health experts to stay away from the poisonous substance, this U.S. resident will forever be grateful for his addiction to smoking.


This BMW owner had his life saved by a stick of cigarette.

The lucky driver may have had a premonition when he went shopping at a nearby supermarket. Feeling uneasy, he left the mall after a while, and went by a quiet corner behind the building to satisfy his urge for nicotine.

Lucky as he was, the man parked his car at an illegal corner and hurried off to puff away his life, without knowing he was going to save it. In fact, death was a few inches away.


Reports say it took about 10 seconds after he exited his BMW X5 and there was a loud bang on his SUV. The frightening scene showed a large piece of construction iron driven through his windscreen.

The car owner wasn’t dreaming and couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked on in horror.

“If I had slowed down for a few seconds, the consequences would have been disastrous,” the survivor said, soaked in cold sweat and panting like a deer saved from a lion.


A look at the pictures show how lucky this man was.

One netizen called the incident a “wrong parking karma” while another said “he shouldn’t worry about maintenance costs if he has insurance”.

Whatever they say, this man now has a reason to smoke weed everyday.