Marcus Rashford explains how he won Mourinho’s heart

Everyone knows how hard it is to please Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, but the club’s young ace Marcus Rashford has revealed a secret to unlocking The Special One‘s heart.

Image shows Marcus Rashford celebrating a goal for Manchester United.

Having secured a permanent place in the team’s set-up with some jaw-dropping performances, the 18-year-old can rightly tell how Mou thinks.

The Portuguese coach is a no-nonsense coach who can tear down any proud or foot-dragging football star so when he gives love, it’s mostly deserved.

And the England international footballer can’t be wrong because he literally kissed the bench on many occasions before finding the missing part of Mourinho’s puzzle.

Image: Marcus Rashford in action for Manchester United.

He told The Sun: “You have to impress them whether they are new or not. I hope that over the last few games I’ve shown what I can do. But it’s not always the games where you get the message across.

“It’s every day in training. That’s when you have to impress the manager and the players, too.

“You have to gain their trust. For me, sometimes it’s more important to perform well in training and know that I am improving, rather than scoring in a game.

“It’s doing the hard work, day in, day out. The challenge for me is trying to follow up and recreate these moments.

“Once you do it in a game, people expect it again! But I think people know it’s difficult to do it all the time. But that’s the challenging thing — consistency. Especially at a younger age as a lot of things you are going through, some of the players have gone through it six or seven times. It’s different for me as I’m still experiencing that and still learning about the game.”

Image shows Marcus Rashford in action against Leicester City.

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