Black and Beautiful

Black and Beautiful

If you must lie to me, Maria, please try not to cry

Smile like a child and wipe my tears like blind Bartimaeus

Should you trip and fall off a cliff, spread your wings and fly

Sing a sweet song and let the world hear your lullaby

It’s okay to dance in the dark if your limelight is watching

The night is a time for lives we find timeless and boring

You can cry and fly and sing and dance to a song for whores, Maria

Don’t be scared of freedom, my love, because you’re black and beautiful

You’re a sharp sword forged for Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius

Julius Caesar “The Great” can’t face your flame in my hands

Our future was carved in gold and no warlord can stop us

You’re the sword and spear and I’m the horse in armors

Those we trusted as doves are bad wolves, but we are God-like

When our weapons got blunt with sweat and blood, we turn vampires

So, we warred and cried, and sang and danced to one song with pride and joy

It takes two hearts of gold, big and bold, to behold and hold Holme’s “Home”

When the birds chirp and sing my tunes, will you remember?

When rippling waves recede and I call, will you come?

Look at the sky, gaze upon the sun, and remember

Let it dazzle your eyes and take you to November

Leave your pain and tears for me there, the doves and wolves will find peace

On my strung wings, soar high with strong winds and seize the keys, please

Unlock your world and see, deep within, what makes you black and beautiful

Black is truly beautiful, my love, go look into the mirror

Black and Beautiful is a poem by Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley. All Rights Reserved.