Beyonce Again?

Just when you think the end has come for Beyonce’s marriage, the couple lightens up the mood in public. There’s sh** going on behind the scenes. I’ll get back to that later.

Last night, Beyonce was spotted at the games with Hov. Jigga, the money making mogul couldn’t be happier having super chic B-Queen by his side. We know how busy the queen is. She doesn’t mess around with her time, business or music schedules.

Her presence lightened Jay-z’s mood as he watched over his business. Inasmuch as she could have been anywhere in the world, she had to protect her collapsing marriage from the public eye, at least for the moment.

It wasn’t Hov nor the games that mattered. Let’s care less about her private life, too.

What caught eye last night was Beyonce’s new hairstyle. Take a look at that gold-sprayed curly hair graced with a cowboy’s hat. Awesome!

As if she had cat-walked on the runway and has a sore foot, Hov did a man’s job – holding her ankle and giving it a soft massage. Rappers are romantic and devoted, you know? WHOOP!

Now back to it.

The Drunk in Love star is sober now. Really really sober in love. 

On February 20th, at the L.A. birthday party hosted by Kelly Rowland (35) her close pal, Beyonce sobbed like a baby as if her world just came to an end. The 34-year-old superstar tried drowning her sorrows with lots of cocktail.

She apparently wanted to be drunk but not in love – in sorrow, maybe. The drinking started immediately she arrived the Sunset Tower, L.A. as if she had to deal with her pains first.

Then “She took off her wedding ring, held it in the air and told everyone that this would be one of the last times they would see it because she was ending her marriage” . Friends and family tried to calm her down afterwards.

In order to control the situation, Tina Knowles (her mom) pulled her away and talked to her in private.

The marriage has been through a lot of troubles. Remember how devoted Jay-z is? Nay, let’s not talk about Rihanna or the fight in the elevator.

The situation may never get better when you know that Jay-z’s alleged love child is already 20 years old. The boy, Rymir Satterthwaite is fighting hard enough in federal court to prove Jigga is his father.

Jay Z Love Child Paternity Rymir Satterthwaite Court

Look at the picture and see if there’s any similarity. Lol, Jay-z is said to have slept with Wanda, Satterthwaite’s mom, many years ago.

Settling out of the court or getting paid off aren’t options for the ‘fatherless boy’.

Worse still, Hov doesn’t want to go for a paternity test.

Cracking more ribs with tears and previous announcement, Beyonce went back to the party after her mom tried to talk sense into her. Then she told everyone that she “was only joking and blamed it on alcohol”, said Radar.

How do you go about joking when your house is on fire?

6 thoughts on “Beyonce Again?

  1. I’m not a Beyonce fan because of the way she carries herself, especially against Kim Kardashian. She may be better than the TV star but she needs to respect people of a lower class.

  2. You guys love Beyonce, so what? She’s a good girls, or so everyone thinks. I love her music, style and art. She tries hard to present a good image of herself and that’s very important, no matter what happens behind closed doors.

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