Bereaved Man Keep 1.5-million-word Diary In Memory Of His Wife.

Reports from Ningbo, China say a bereaved man resorted to keeping daily records of his activities, moods and dreams in memory of his deceased wife. The diary kept by this broken-hearted husband has already exceeded 1.5 million words, Ningbo Evening News reported.

The man, named Chen Xiukang, started his diary four years ago. He hasn’t skipped writing all these years, even for a day.

Chen is said to be writing about 1,000 words every day. He spends five to six hours writing in the diary each day.

In 1967, Chen married his wife, Chen Shuxiang, in Ningbo. Their wedding ceremony was simple, but Chen said it did not affect the quality of their marriage, and that the most important thing was the love between them.

During their 45 years of marriage, the couple experienced love and closeness. Even life’s hardships failed to wear away their great mutual affection.

However, Chen’s wife passed away on May 7, 2012.

According to a report, after his wife died, the man heart was filled with sorrow and life held no meaning anymore. He was extremely lonely.

The bereaved is said to be a well educated soldier. Life taught him that to distract himself from his grief, he should start writing a memoir and he followed the idea. That worked. Writing the diary on a daily basis has kept him from falling back to loneliness which would have affected not only him but his children who are looking up to him.

Chen wrote about 1,000 words every day when he started off; later, the number doubled.

Now he spends five to six hours writing the diary each day, sharing everything with his wife through his diary entries, the report said.