Bella Hadid Calls Herself A Break Dancer After An Embarassing NYFW Fall.

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Bella Hadid found humor by telling fans she’s now a well-trained “break dancer” after an embarassing fall at the New York Fashion Week. She had to face every model’s nightmare on that fateful day but she fought back in confidence.

Bella Hadid

Image: Bella Hadid

The 19-year-old runway beauty fell down as she was cat-walking at the NYFW Michael Kors/Summer 17 show on Wednesday.

It happens quite often. When a model falls, she must get up to her feet and keep up with the challenges. No baby-sitting out there. That’s exactly what Gigi’s sister remembered amid horrified looks on the attendee’s faces and cheers from adoring fans.

Bella smiled, rather than feel embarrassed as she struggled to stand near the spectators deck at the show.

Bella Hadid

Image: Bella Hadid

And, a few hours later, she took to social media and showed off her humor with a tweet that reads:  “Guys I’m a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell u”. 

The leggy model also posted more videos of herself at the New York Fashion Week, displaying killer gaits and fierce gaze but added “seconds before…”

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