Beautiful China celebrates Year of the Rooster

The lunar new year is celebrated around China and in other Asian communities around the world, with such pomp and style which leaves spectators in awe.

This annual event if often marked with colorful fireworks. Streets are also beautified with red lanterns, flowers and more – mostly in red.

Celebrations differ in most cities but family reunion is the most important part of this festive period.

Citizens maximum the long holiday period for weddings, meetings, cultural events and parties. In Pingshan, a community in Shenzhen, villagers visit ancestral shrines for prayers and to give offerings.

The Pingshan community also holds a century-long ceremony for the New Year’s Day. Local and foreign visitors travel to Shenzhen for this cultural event which usually attracts thousands of spectators.

All villagers in the community are expected to take part in this grand ceremony – believed to have existed for over 200 years. They pray together for peace and happiness but that’s not all, the spiritual leaders have a lot more to enjoy!

A Chinese grandmother attends the ceremony with her offerings and a grandchild.

Image shows performers at the event.

Image shows a table with gift offerings – apples, candy, chicken, cigarettes and more.

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