Austria’s evacuate plan for citizens in Israel thwarted after military plane malfunctioned

Austria’s plans to evacuate its citizens from Israel have been thwarted after its military aircraft broke down.  

The only available C-130 Hercules was due to take Austrians to Cyprus earlier today but suffered a technical failure. 

“A black day for the armed forces: We could not help our compatriots,” defence ministry spokesman Michael Bauer said on X. 

As a result, the country was forced to book 100 seats on a commercial flight instead. 

After the Israir flight landed in Cyprus, the foreign ministry said it had evacuated 98 people. 

In total, 15 were from countries other than Austria: Israel, Germany, Spain, Hungary, the United States and the Netherlands.

Another evacuation, on a chartered Austrian Airlines flight to Vienna from Tel Aviv will take place tomorrow, it added. 

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