Angry man begs court to approve a sword fight with ex-wife and lawyer

After losing a court case with his ex-wife, an American man has asked a judge for permission to have a sword fight with the woman and her attorney.

David Ostrom, from Kansas, claims his former flame Bridgette and her lawyer Matthew Hudson had “destroyed him legally”, and he insisted the judge has the power to let the couple “resolve our disputes in the field of battle, legally”.

He added that trial by combat has never been banned in the United States.

The aggrieved man also asked the judge to adjourn the case for 12 weeks so he can get some Japanese samurai swords.

David claims that he filed his motion out of frustration with his ex-wife’s attorney.

He said: “I think I’ve met Mr Hudson’s absurdity with my own absurdity.”

Matthew asked the judge to reject the request, because a duel could end in death and outweigh the legal disputes between the couple.