Aides feared Bill Clinton would suffer a heart attack after quarrel with Hillary over election defeat

A source close to Bill and Hillary Clinton has revealed that the couple engaged in a heated argument after Donald Trump was declared winner of the U.S. presidential election on 9 November. The former Secretary of State blames James Comey [FBI Director] for her loss while Bill says the director’s contributions weren’t strong enough to thwart their political ambition.

According to a report from The Sun, Bill and Hillary screamed at each other over the phone as both argued on who was responsible for her failure.

Aides who were with the former U.S. president feared he would have heart attack due to the intense nature of their disagreement.

Ed Klein, a bestselling author, explained in detail what actually transpired between the Clintons after losing to their Republican counterpart, Donald Trump.

Mr Klein claimed one of Bill Clinton’s closest advisers said he was with the former President in Little Rock when he overheard a heated argument over the phone with Hillary.  

She is said to have accused FBI director James Comey of reviving the probe into her use of a private email server and reversing her campaign’s fortunes.

But the source is quoted by Mr Klein as saying Bill did not buy the excuse and became so angry it was feared he might have a heart attack.

Instead it is claimed Bill pointed the blame at the campaign being “tone-deaf” to the impact the weak economy was having on working class votes – The Sun.

“Bill always campaigned as a guy who felt your pain, but Hillary came across as someone who was pissed off at her enemy [Trump], not someone who was reaching out and trying to make life better for the white working class,” Mr Klein was quoted as saying.

In a New York Times article written by David Plouffe, who managed President Obama’s triumphant 2008 campaign. The writer said one of Hillary Clinton’s leading causes of failure was a low turnout among younger and African-American voters.

David argues that apathy among the mentioned group was Mrs Clinton’s chief problem in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

In a brief summary, he says Donald Trump’s voters were super-excited about their candidate while Hillary’s supporters were less concerned, and this is exactly what Bill Clinton is saying.