Actress Rebecca Lim announces engagement to a ‘mystery man’

Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim is now engaged!

The photos and post did not reveal the face or name of Rebecca Lim’s mystery fiance.PHOTOS: REBECCALIM/INSTAGRAM

The 35-year-old posted several photos to her Instagram account on Monday night (Nov 15), which showed a man proposing to her in front of an elaborate set-up with balloons and “Marry Me” spelt out in huge block letters.

The photos and post did not reveal the face or name of her mystery fiance. Lim captioned the photo with an emoji of two hearts and a diamond ring.

Her celebrity friends, including Zoe Tay, Sharon Au, Zheng Geping and JJ Lin, congratulated her in the comments section.

Fellow actor Ian Fang, 30, who was once rumoured to be dating Lim, also congratulated her but has seemingly expressed his disappointment at her marriage on his own Instagram account.

Hours before Lim’s announcement was posted, he shared a screenshot of the Mandopop song Guest by Zhang Yuan on Instagram. He wrote: “So this is how it feels like.” The song describes a man attending the wedding of a former lover. He also lamented getting “scolded” after Lim’s announcement. These stories have since been deleted.

In another Instagram post before Lim’s announcement, Fang wrote cryptically: “Not every Christopher Lee will have a Fann Wong and not every Fann Wong will stick by Christopher Lee’s side. Not everyone can be like them. When people think you two will end up like them, but not everyone thinks so too.”

Some netizens chided him in the comments section, who wrote: “You should have cherished a good girl like Rebecca Lim.” He replied: “Yes, I was awful.”

Another netizen wrote: “Didn’t you say the two of you are good friends? Why are you being so dramatic now if you’re good friends?” In a heated reply, he wrote: “Why do I have to explain anything to you? Why do I have to tell you anything? Will you help me? Will you stop the wedding? No? Then shut up.”

He also received encouraging comments from other celebrities like Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan, who assured him that he will find happiness of his own. The entire post, with its accompanying comments, has since been deleted.

Fang and Lim were linked for years until Fang was caught exchanging sexually suggestive messages with Mediacorp actress Carrie Wong in 2019. Fang and Lim have never publicly confirmed their relationship with each other.