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Assignment Brief

Programme: MSc Psychology
Term: Spring 2022
Module: Biological Psychology
Assignment Type: Research Proposal
Module Leader:
Submission Deadline:

Assignment Title and Instructions

Title: As an individual, please design a new electrophysiological study that explores further our understanding in ONE of the following areas:
• Attention
• Memory
• Awareness
• Affection
• Somatosensory processing
Include a summary of the literature to date, why you have selected the techniques that you have, what you expect to find and any counterbalancing methods.
Your proposal must follow the standard structure for psychology proposals with all the subtitles (see below):
Title: (you must include a title for your proposed study, which is informative and succinct and relevant to your individual study, NOT the title for this assessment)
Introduction (Summary of the background literature, rationale, aims, hypotheses)
Design: (Does the study have a between-subjects or within-subjects design? What are the predictor variables and what are the outcome variables?)
Ethical considerations (How will you ensure that ethical guidelines are adhered to?)

Participants: (How many participants will you recruit? Age range? Male/female? How will you recruit them? Are there any inclusion/exclusion criteria?)
Measures: (What are the measures or materials that you will use in your study and how do you use them? For example, the electrophysiological technique you will use, any questionnaires and cognitive measures)
Procedure: (Describe the full procedure of the study, from taking consent to debriefing the participants)
References: (please include a reference list of all references you cite. Please use APA format. The References will not count towards the word limit)
Do not include an Abstract for this assessment. A proposal must also not include Results and Discussion sections as the study has not happened yet. Please write the Method section in the future tense.
% of Final Grade: 30%
Word limit: 1,000 words
Submission Instructions
Submission is via Turnitin only. Please submit via the ‘Coursework Submissions MSc Psychology 2021-2022’ Page, ‘Spring 2022’ section by the deadline above.
Assessment & Feedback Policy
Please see the ‘Assessments’ section of the ‘Home – MSc Psychology’ page.
Draw upon the lectures and readings from this semester, as well as relevant background reading identified through independent research
See also this online resource:
Support Arrangements
For any questions, please consult your seminar tutor or contact the module leader. Please note that responses may take up to two working days. You can also attend the module clinics taking place during term time on Thursdays between 13:00-14:00pm on campus.