A Polite Alligator Visited Its Human Neighbors.

A very polite alligator in South Carolina was captured on video as it visited a neighbor. Guess what the reptile did, it climbed up the front door and attempted to ring the door bell, which in my opinion, is civilized.

Surprise visitor: An alligator was caught on camera roaming around Foxbank Plantation, South Carolina. Gary Rogers filmed the large reptile attempting to ring the doorbell at one of the homes

Residents say the alligator was new in the area so it had to make rounds, ring door bells and say hi to new neighbors – the only problem was, he wasn’t human. Funny, isn’t it?

Gary Rogers says that he was out walking his dog in his neighborhood of Foxbank Plantation Monday morning when he saw the alligator crawling across the front yards of homes.

He decided to record video of the unusual visitor on his phone as the large reptile headed to a front porch.

‘He was walking around in front of a couple of houses down in the cul-de-sac area. So we went down,’ Rogers told WCIV.

Rogers added that: “The gator was not aggressive at all.

The alligator appeared to have gotten lost in the maze of human homes. “He was just kind of trying to find his way out. I mean, he was caught between fences, in between a couple of houses. Had no place to go. Went around the air conditioner a couple of times.”

Rogers said: 'The gator was not aggressive at all. He was just kind of trying to find his way out'