A List Of Ageless Asian Beauties.

Having a naturally ageless beauty is a gift many people which they had. However, those who don’t have but need it like the air we breath, can achieve same by face lifts, surgeries and more.

Some women have it all: fame, fortune and fabulously well-maintained looks – even when there are in their 40s or pushing 40, Toggle said in favor of some listed Asian beauties.

Reel Rundown argues: “There is a stereotype, that might just be based in fact, that Asian women never seem to grow old. Often up into their 40s and 50s they still look very young and retain their beauty and appeal.

“Asian women are considered some of the most attractive women in the world, often portrayed in cinema and television as seductive and compelling. And, fact is, men around the world seek their company.”

Here’s a list of some Chinese ageless beauties:

Shu Qi and Ruby Lin

The combo shows actresses like Shu Qi and Ruby Lin barely look a year older than they did during their newbie days – some 20 years ago.

Shu Qi

Both of them are not the only ones in showbiz with genes so fine they make women turn green with envy.

Gigi Leung, 40

The only thing that is different about Gigi, since her debut as an actress in Mack the Killer, 21 years ago, is her upgraded status as a wife and mother today. The singer-actress can easily pass off looking like a younger version of herself with her elfin-like features and lithe frame.

Ruby Lin, 40

Like Gigi, Ruby entered showbiz in 1995 when she was just 21 years old. In 1998, she landed the lead role of Xia Ziwei in My Fair Princess (left image) and gained international fame along with her drama co-stars, Vicki Zhao, Alec Su and Fan Bingbing.

Her career picked up, she continued to age and mature but still looks ridiculously youthful today.

Can you believe it has been 18 years since My Fair Princess first aired?

Vivian Hsu, 41

We notice an overlapping similarity between all the actresses on this list: big doe eyes are the key to looking young and youthful. Similarly, Vivian is known not just for her sensual womanly charms but for her gorgeous peepers, too, which is nicknamed by fans as her “smiling eyes”.

If anything, Vivian’s genes are top of the class – just look at her son Dalton’s features and you know who he got it from.

Fann Wong, 45

The sweet young thing of yesteryear is now a hot mama of one.

While she no longer exudes sweet, innocent vibes as she did once upon a time as an Oil of Ulan model, Fann’s glowing and dewy milky-white complexion easily allows her to pass off as a young 30-something actress.

Sometimes life’s just not fair.

Alyssa Chia, 41

Remember what we said about actresses with Bambi eyes? Well, Alyssa’s youngest daughter, Bu Bu, is a living example of what good genes this actress has.

Alyssa may only be 41 years old, but thanks to her early debut in showbiz at the tender age of 17 and her ageless good looks, it feels like she has been around for a long, long time (26 years, to be exact).

Charmaine Sheh, 40

We can still remember Charmaine in her fanciful hairstyle for period drama, The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain, and as the Chinese priestess Zhou Zhiruo in wuxia show The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre from 16 years ago (bottom left image), during her salad days with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB.

While she looks more sassy than sweet these days, thanks to her pixie crop which was done for Line Walker, the actress still looks the same – minus the baby fats.

Lee Young-ae, 45

Korean’s crowning jewel has barely aged even after becoming a mother to a pair of twins. She still sports the same snowy complexion and glow as she did during her days as Dae Jang Geum 13 years ago (left) but exudes more mature womanly vibes now (right).

Choi Ji Woo, 40

One of the many Korean actresses who can easily pass off as a young 30-something-year-old woman, Ji Woo is still best remembered for her innocent girl image in dramas like Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven.

In her most recent drama Twenty Again, the immortalized one goes back to school wearing her old uniform to relive life as a 20-year-old and actually looks like a legit high schooler. That is something mere plebeians (like us) can’t pull off.

Ha Ji Won, 37

Ji Won may be in her late 30s but she is often singled out for her flawless skin and is well on her way to join the ageless beauties’ squad. At the rate she’s aging – backwards, we mean – it makes the rest of us look like we’re fighting a losing battle with saggy skin, fine lines and crow’s feet. We say again: some women have it all.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu was catching everyone’s attention back when she was still in her 30s playing the villainous Ling Woo on Ally McBeal. Then she jumped into action films Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill; still gorgeous and we got to see her move.

She continues to do a lot of TV, currently on Southland; but she’s done many other projects besides.

Image shows Lucy Liu’s picture taken in 2014.

She’s originally from New York, her parents were professionals who came to the US from China. Lucy grew up speaking both Mandarin and English and lived in a diverse community back East.

She is college-educated and, of course, gorgeous to boot. She is currently 47 years old, born in 1968.

Fun Fact: Lucy Liu was the first female Asian-American to host Saturday Night Live, back in 2000.