A Celebrity Secret Sex Exposed.


Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis has fallen in and out of love a few times. This is the third time and probably there won’t be any next time.

steph jeremy mcconnell

Stephanie believed Jeremy with her life but little did she know that everything about him was a lie. She stumbled into a chat conversation between her loverboy and another woman.


She made the hard decision to upload the flirty conversation online in order to uncover the sex secrets and bring shame upon Jeremy for breaking her heart. Both lovebirds started a relationship early this year after meeting as contestants at the Celebrity Big Brother.

This is not the first time there’s been a sex scandal for the Irish model. She said: “think that’s… 5 girls now lols. What don’t kill you makes you stronger I’m actually laughing.” 

“Right. Now that’s in the bin onwards and upwards nice little week with my fave @gemmamcxx girly time &lots of fun.”

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