4 Married Women Reveal Why They MUST Turn Off The Light Before S*x.

A group of four beautiful women took off their clothes for photo shoots aimed at revealing scars and other parts of their bodies which they think aren’t appealing.

The ladies explained in detail why they’ll never allow their partners see them naked.

Four women bare all to confront body confidence issues

Image shows Lynsey, Collete, Laura and Reid.

According to a report from The Sun, “27 per cent of women admit to having sex with the lights off while a shocking 75 per cent dislike their body”.

About a quarter of British women feel so uncomfortable to reveal their naked body during sex, so they would either turn off the light or abstain, the report said. The number varies between countries.

A study found 75 per cent of women dislike their body and 66 per cent where ashamed of how they look

Image shows the four women showing of their body confidence issues (Source: The Sun).

The survey carried out by Weight Watchers found that about 75 per cent of women disliked their figure and 66 per cent were ashamed of their appearance.

Lynsey Clarke, one of the four women pictured above had this to say about her body confidence problems: “I was bullied for being pale at school and it sparked some confidence issues from my teens.

“My skin’s so pale you can see every spidery vein. I practically glow in the dark. I burn horrendously in the sun too so summer is the worst time of year for me.

“I used to be a size 8 before I had my daughter in March 2014 but now I’m a size 12.

“I’m less body confident than I’ve ever been. I’ve got what I call my ‘squidgy’ around my middle which Jared loves but I hate. When we’re intimate I make sure it’s in the dark or with just a candle for lighting. I’d never walk around naked in front of him either,” she added.


Image: Lynsey Clarke, 38-years-old (Source: The Sun).

Lynsey is said to be a hospitality worker from Plymouth. She’s married to a 38-year-old engineer named Jared. Her husband has never had a chance to see her naked during their six-year relationship.

She continues: “I’ve tried so many diets to lose the weight I gained, but nothing seems to work and it always creeps back on.

“I know I have a responsibility to my daughter so she is proud of her body as she gets older and I’m hoping these pictures will help give me some confidence.

“Some people will think I look fine, nice even, but I don’t like being in my skin and never have done.”

She admits to

Image shows Lynsey Clacke and her husband Jared (Source: The Sun).

Jared loves his wife–every bit of her–but can’t understand why she feels the way she does. He said: “She’s mad. Her body is gorgeous. I love her ‘squidgy’ as we call it. It’s just sad that my favourite bit of her is the bit she hates the most.

“I know this will give her some much-needed confidence. I’m hoping it’ll help her see herself as I see her.”

The second woman from the group is Collette Moriarty. She’s a 35-year-old housewife from Harrow, Middlesex. She has never stripped in front of her husband Michael, who’s a construction worker.

Collette and Michael got married 12 years ago and have three kids–Brice (11), Louis (8) and Victoria (5).



Image shows Collette Moriarty, 35-years-old (Source: The Sun).

Collette says: “I’m 6ft tall and have never had body confidence. I had my three children and the weight crept on after each of them.

“I’d tried so many different diets over the years but would lose a stone then gain two.

“I had bad acne on my body when I was a teenager and have scars so that’s contributed to a lack of body confidence too.

“But one day, Brice came home from school in tears after being bullied for having a ‘fat and ugly mummy.’ It was a turning point and I had a gastric bypass in 2013,” she revealed.

The couple

Image shows Collette and Michael. The couple got married 12 years ago.

She continues: “I have lost 9st since and I’m happy with that but it’s not improved how I feel about my body.

“Michael’s never seen me without a T-shirt on, ever. He’s confident in his skin and I’d love to have that feeling.

“I’m really nervous but am hoping these pictures will give me the boost I know I need.”

Just like Jared [Lynsey’s husband] and every other marriage partner, Michael admits he understands Collette is going through. He said: “It would be easy to get cross with Collette’s lack of body confidence but I respect her and I know where it comes from so I try to understand.

“I’d love her to be more body confident, not for me but for her.”

The third woman is 30-year-old Laura Jones  [a stay-at-home mom]. She lost her body confidence after childbirth and it’s been three years since her Sales Director husband set eyes on her nudes. James Pittaway is the father of their 3-year-old son.

She says: “I used to do modelling when I was younger, like ring-girling at boxing events, so I was constantly in hot pants and a crop top. But I had Mason three years ago and there were complications at the birth and I ended up having a cesarean section. He was also really big.

Laura says she lost confidence in her body image after giving birth to her son

Picture shows 30-year-old Laura Jones (Image Source: The Sun).

“I’ve got stretch marks on my stomach now. Because of what I did before, modelling, it has really affected my confidence. When I met my partner, I was that girl and even though he has never said anything, it has affected my confidence as I don’t look like that any more.

“My cesarean scar is all the way across my stomach and is quite ugly.

“If I buy sexy underwear I get corsets or babydolls where you can’t see my stomach area. And I have the lights low in the bedroom.

Her partner James thinks she has a great figure and shouldn't hide it

Image shows the couple, James and Laura.

“Even though I have done modelling before, I felt nervous before this shoot, but I felt quite comfortable when I got there and I don’t think the pictures look bad. I think it will help me to feel more confident.

“I’m never going to feel like I used to, but doing things like this helps.”

One thing James wants her to know is that she’s amazing that way. He thinks her worries are meaningless and unnecessary, if only she could understand that.

He said: “Laura is beautiful and has a great figure. I love her on so many different levels now she is the mother of my child.

“I don’t think she should worry but I suppose I would like it if she felt more confident in herself as she looks amazing.”

And last comes 45-year-old Rita Reid [a school dinner lady from Swindon. The report confirms she unbelievably wears her pyjamas to bed with husband, and they have sex in the dark.

Her husband Tom, 44, works in IT.

She says: “I have always been shy about being naked and the situation has got worse as I have got older.

Lisa admits she would get a boob job if her husband let her

Image: Rita Reid

“Over the years, I have perfected the art of getting quickly undressed in the dark and I wear pyjamas in bed. It hasn’t affected our love life too much but we do make love in the dark.

“My husband is always loving and reassuring and tells me I should be proud of my body, but I feel I’m too thin.

She feels unhappy with her body and says her breasts are too small since she finished breast feeding her children

Image: Rita Reid

“After I stopped breast-feeding my breasts went like two flat pancakes. I’d have a boob job in a heartbeat if my husband would let me, because I do get very down about my body.

“I also worry about my wrinkly tummy, and I’ve recently joined a gym to tighten the muscles. I know I should be proud of my body because it has produced two lovely children, but it just makes me shy and all I see are imperfections.”

Her hubby thinks Lisa needs to get over how she feels about her body

Image shows Tom and Lisa.

Tom has no words to describe his bewilderment. He thinks wives should know that almost every man cares less about the body changes that comes with age, childbirth or nature. He said:

“I often say to Lisa, ‘Look, I really do not mind. I think you are lovely as you are. Just switch the lights on.’

“ I find it really hard to understand why Lisa feels so strongly about her body.

“It is her I love, not a perfect image of her. She needs to relax and get over this.”