20-year-old British Girl Poisoned By A Bartender.

A pretty young Brit lost her sight and suffered kidney failure after drinking a cup of cocktail at a bar. She was served the drink by a male bartender who the police believe, must have spiked her drink.

Hannah Powell, 20, has been left blinded by a drink containing highly toxic methanol

Image shows Hannah Powell, the 20-year-old Brit who suffered cocktail poisoning in Greece.

Hannah Powell slept for 48 hours after taking the drink and woke up later to find she can’t see anymore. She collapsed and was rushed to a hospital where doctors said she digested a liquid that contains ‘highly toxic methanol’.

The young Brit tourist first also suffered kidney failure as medical tests confirmed.

According to reports from The Sun, this victim of hate had traveled to Greece and was partying on the Greek holiday island of Zante when an attempt was made on her life.

Hannah is understood to have been drinking cocktails in the bay resort with some friends.

Though it remains unknown if there was a deliberate attempt from friends to kill Hanna, or whether it was a case of adulterated drinks sold to visitors at the bar, Greek press reported that she was served a drink with “cheap alcohol”.

The report says her grieving parents – Derek, 56, and Christine, 51, – who live in Ormesby near Middlesbrough, have flown to be with their daughter.

Hannah was transferred to another better equipped hospital in Peloponnese. She’s said to be making progress in her recovery.

Christine [Hannah’s mum] said: “Her kidneys have completely gone. Doctors are unsure if her full sight or kidneys will ever return to normal.

“The police think it could be methanol.”

Other reports allege that criminals who run bar businesses in the south Mediterranean are known to be using very cheap and harmful home-made spirits in order to make more gains.

However, police say what Hannah drank seem to be more than just methanol, bringing in the suspicion that someone in her group may have tried to kill her.

How well do you know your friends? A penny for your thoughts.