Vladimir Putin’s Favorite Driver Dies In A Crash.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is at a loss as reports confirm the leader’s official car was involved in a deadly accident. The head-on crash in Moscow led to the death of his favorite chauffeur, who’s said to have over 40 years of experience.

High-speed collision ... Putin's presidential BMW was involved in horror crash in Moscow

Image shows the horrific accident scene as captured by a CCTV camera.

Putin’s presidential car which was involved in the deadly collision is a BMW.

The accident occurred on Kutuzovsky Avenue, Moscow, after a Mercedes Benz veered off the road and smashed into the presidential car, reports confirm.

President Putin was still in China for the G20 summit held in Hangzhou as at the time of the accident.

Image: Vladimir Putin

Though medics quickly responded to 911 calls, they arrived at the scene for emergency rescue operations only to confirm that the experienced chauffeur had already died.

Police are currently investigating the incident.