20 Personal security tips for anyone in Nigeria


Hi there,

I want you all to be mindful of your security. Listen to news regularly, please.
Nigeria is going through very difficult and unsafe times. There are calls from foreign concerns to declare the country a failed state. This is because of the level of insecurity in the country presently.

We all need to be concerned about our safety. Do not say it can never happen to me. No one is safe. Relatives of the President had been kidnapped. Men of God, Security men etc. No one is safe nowhere is safe. Let us try and observe strict security protocols together with our prayers.

I would like to advise you all never to stay out of the house late.
Come back home or stay close to your house latest 6pm

Be careful on how you travel in marked vehicles at all times. Be circumspect on the security context of area and time you use marked or branded vehicles.For example, vehicles bearing names, company etc.

Do not travel in groups. If you are to go for a program, move in little groups of two to three and staggered movement.

If your area is being for whatever reason attacked, switch of all lights including any switch with lights no matter how tiny. Remove all jewelry on your body and wrap your phone in a cloth to prevent light reflection that can betray your position.
If you hear gunshot, leave your bed and lie flat under the bed and away from your window. Get out of sight. Lie close to any wall.

Do not take ride in any vehicle that you don’t know. Take public transportation at all times, if you need to.

When you go out, dress normal and neat not flashy. Never wear any clothes that can get you noticed or identified.

If you are going out to somewhere, tell someone where you are going to and the expected time of your arrival. If possible don’t go alone.

On no account should you visit online friends. People who you meet on social media, you should never visit them either in public or in their homes or offices. NEVER.- Beware !

Speak very little when you are in public and never comment on government, political or religious issues.

Always maintain call credit on your phone and always ensure you have power on it or buy power bank. You may need to make contact incase of ATTACK or EMERGENCY situations.

If under attack, do not make voice calls, because sound travel faster and quietly at night, just ring the number repeatedly if the person pick, don’t speak. Just send text. When doing that, do it under cover so that your phone will not reflect any ray of light.

Don’t buy group dress from anyone for now. No matter how close they are to you , don’t buy.

Don’t attend parties that you are not closely concerned or associated with the organisers.

If at all, you come under attack, remember there are only 2 rules to guide you.
If you panic, you will attract attention of the attackers to yourselves, and you will not remember exactly what you need to do to keep you safe.

This is not the time to do fashion or to showcase your new clothing and shoes. Anytime you go out, wear dress and especially shoes that will allow you to run incase you need to get out of troubled area fast. Wear cheap shoes that you can throw away if it impedes your movement. Your dress should not hinder your ability to run.

Prepare for any eventuality. Do not say it can’t happen. Be Prepared. Trouble can happen anywhere any time. Remember your life is very important,not your phone or your property.

If you have to run, throw away anything in your hand. Save yourself first. Don’t wait to pick anything that drop from your hands. Run as fast as you can.

If there is shooting, try the rules. Do not panic. The fact that you heard the gunshot means that you are not hit and you are alive. If you are hit, you will not hear the SOUND.

. Reduce your height first by bending down as close to the ground as possible.

. Then try and identify the direction of the shots first then draw a cross putting the direction of the shot at north or south, run East or WEST.

. Never run straight line in opposite direction because bullets travel at straight line and never run toward the point of the gunshot.

. As you are moving out of the troubled area, identify hard objects or structures that you can use as protection where you can hide.

. If you notice the sound is coming closer, shift your location a little as you continue to run. If not, find a safe place and hide in sitting position to avoid stray bullets from hitting you.

At this moment, avoid arguments with People. When you notice people are showing anger, don’t wait to settle them, move out of the place as quickly and quietly as you can. Innocent people end up loosing their lives while trying to intervene in such kind of situations. Don’t go to places of incidents to go and look at what’s happening. You may be unlucky.

At this moment, stay as close as possible to your home. Know the shortest possible routes to your home, incase you need to get home quickly.
Always keep some change at hand. Not much, maybe 2k or less incase you need to board a public transport out of any trouble area.OPEN YOUR EYES AND BE ALERT.

Lastly, pray without ceasing!!!!!!. Commit your ways into the hands of God for divine protection and He will command His angels to deliver you in times of trouble.
Suspect everything including people and places… ALWAYS REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST!!