10-year old lie busted during Zoom call

The Beginning

Katy is unaware that what started as an average day would turn out to be so catastrophic. She understood that humans make mistakes; the faults are what make us human, after all. Yet, with a single Zoom call, nothing could set her aside for the initial surprise that followed. Katy talked to her sister on her phone when something struck her heart. Now is the chance to express all that has been burdening her for ten years, and who is better off than your sibling to talk to.

  • Katy and Laura

There’s No Going Back

With her sister frozen in her tracks, Katy continues to stand on the phone. She wipes a tear from her eye, confessing she’s been hiding confidential information for ten years. It was a secret she had tried to keep tucked away. Then, suddenly, she hears something behind that ends up being cold. “I can still hear you.” Katy turned quickly and saw her husband, Ricky, on the zoom call. His face was filled with uncertainty and sorrow. What mother would have kept such a secret? Katy’s been caught well and truly.

Her Perfect Life

Katy Smith has the life every woman could dream of. A nice husband named Ricky, two lovely twin daughters, named Megan and Molly, and a beautiful home. And, of course, this lucky woman in her fabulous life assumed that nothing could go wrong. However, she had no clue that her world was about to be ripped in two after a simple slip of the tongue.

Falling In Love

When Katy first encountered Ricky 14 years ago, she immediately fell in love. He was all she desired in a man: lovely, charming, and more importantly, kind. She realized right away that he was “the one.” And soon enough, the two sweethearts got engaged and decided to get married afterward. Katy assumed her life was impeccable. It was just what she truly wanted. But if they’re in love, people can do foolish things, right?

She Got Pregnant

Soon after being married, Katy and Ricky tried to have a baby. And after a month or two, Katy became pregnant! And not just with one baby, but with two! She came to know there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her children as quickly as she put her eyes on her two newborn twins. Even if it really was something truly unfathomable.

Being A Mom

Being a mom can be a very unexceptional task, as unromantic as it sounds. Most of the time, you feel far from attractive. That’s because, no matter what, you’re going to spend so much time exhausted, coping with a mess, and always being there for your kids. Having kids can put a huge strain on even the strongest relationship. There was something just below the surface of Katy and Ricky’s relationship, which could tear them off from each other if anyone ever figured it out.

A Caring And Loving Mother

She was known as a dedicated mother, devoted solely to becoming the absolute best mother if anyone knew Katy. It was not easy to juggle jobs and parenting, and yet it was handled by her. But very little did they all know that there was something hidden by this doting mother. She had lived a lie and had a secret that she had to make sure she could remain a secret. It did so, until now.


Once the Covid-19 disease outbreak managed to reach their neighborhood, Katy was asked to work at home, and everybody was forced into a tough quarantine. Right around the corner was the twin girls’ 10th birthday, so this working mom was stressed out. In millions of years, she would never have assumed that her ordinary Monday morning might have come to an end with such devastation and crying.

All Alone

Katy’s husband wasn’t around to support her when she deemed it most necessary in a much worse spin of good fortune. Regrettably, Ricky was quarantined at another house in the town. He had been on a work trip like that before and was self-isolating, just to be protected. So, Katy was left all alone with the twins.


Just Another Monday Morning

It was another Monday morning and a day when Katy had to work from home. She remembers her kids waking up, calling her spouse to greet him, settling her kids with their online classes, and then starting her computer shift. Before having her first conference, she thought this was heading towards being a normal day. However, she was really completely mistaken.

Video Call

It was lunch soon, and Katy clocked her shift off and began to take her break from work. She gave meals to the twin girls, and then, via zoom, she video called her husband, Ricky. She missed her husband. She tried to touch his face on the computer monitor, hoping he was right beside her. She didn’t even suspect that everything was about to change.

oom Call

Katy’s phone began ringing. It was her sister, Laura. “It’s my sister,” she told Ricky on the computer, “I’ve got to go,” and Ricky responded with a smile and kissed the camera. Katy grabbed the Air Kiss and placed it in her heart. She said goodbye, took the call, and then logged out of the zoom. Or so she thought.

Best Of Friends

Katy and her sister Laura were pretty close. With an age gap of about two years, the two girls were inseparable in adulthood and childhood. All they’ve got to share. The sisters were best friends, and they knew all of each other’s private details. Laura also knew Katy’s secret, the one that Laura had promised would remain a secret.

The Phone Call

The two siblings spoke over the phone, talking about the other night’s TV show, which they both hung on. Soon after, the twin girls’ birthday was mentioned, with Laura validating that she would participate in their digital celebration. And after that, something more disturbing than that resulted in a brief conversation.

Come Clean

“With the twins turning 10, you’ve got to come clean,” her sister stated. “You have to tell him,” she said to her. Katy could have felt fear washing over her. “However, it would devastate him,” she replied. And after that, a voice behind him said, ‘I can still hear you.’

She Got Caught

Katy stands frozen in her tracks. Her sister used a mobile device to call her, but Katy was quiet. She could sense her heartbeat in her throat as she came to realize Ricky was still on the zoom call. And he must’ve heard everything. Had she just uncovered the very secret she had vowed would indeed remain a secret?

Confusion And Sorrow

Katy began turning around and saw that, clearly, Ricky was on the zoom call. His face was loaded on the computer monitor with confusion as well as frustration. Katy’s stomach felt sick. She was truly captured out.

It Was A Mistake

10 years ago, Katy had an inappropriate relationship with her previous boyfriend. It was a terrible decision, really, and still, to this day, Katy has come to regret it all. She didn’t try to tell Ricky, but she got pregnant a few weeks after her misdeeds.

DNA Test

Katy had such a nagging suspicion that her dad might have been her ex, not Ricky, but she really couldn’t tell him about it. It would’ve ruined him. Instead, she trusted her sister, Laura, and the two were indeed appointed to secrecy. When the infants were born, Katy used the twins as well as Ricky’s DNA. She took the test behind Ricky’s back, so her life was turned upside down by the results.

She’s The Only One To Blame

As expected, Ricky wasn’t the dad of the twin girls, and it tore the world of Katy into two. She knew that it was her own responsibility and that she just had to keep blaming herself, but she would never inform Ricky. She kept insisting that never again would she and Laura bring it up or talk about it. She decided, the harder she could, to bury the hidden truth. Some truths will not, however, remain laid to rest.

He Isn’t The Father

While on the mobile device with her sister Laura, Katy spoke very phrases that any guy would never listen to. Ricky hung on her after Katy got caught, saying, “He’s not a father,” just as she’s going to explain it all. She started to feel tears well up in her eyes. With Ricky quarantined in some other house and their 2 children in the house, how else would she clarify herself? She called, but he never picked up. Maybe he just wanted time to calm down? Couldn’t certain situations get much worse? However, she was totally mistaken.

The Text Message

The next day, Katy didn’t hear a thing from Ricky. It was as though he had vanished into nothingness. Even before bed, he did not call to say goodnight to the twin girls. And then, just as Katy was about to take the twins to a bath, she got a text on her cell phone. It belonged to Ricky, and she was left speechless by what he said.

She Was Unfaithful

Of course, Ricky was heartbroken. After the initial surprise, he was already thinking very cautiously about continuing, now that he found out his wife had been unfaithful. He could not believe that she had managed to keep the reality of the situation from him for far too long. In the end, he knew that he could no longer really handle being around her.


“I want a divorce,” wrote Ricky. As quickly as she read that line, Katy started to feel her heart crumble in two. She fell to the ground, clutching her phone, realizing it was all herself that she had to blame. And therefore, even after a global disease outbreak, Ricky had been quick with his choices, and Katy received the divorce papers the previous week.

He Loves Them Still

Katy had managed to hold onto the big lie for 10 years. In a sense, she almost felt relieved that it was finally in the open. She had been living in constant fear through most of her kids’ early years. In the divorce settlement, naturally, she didn’t have a single penny. However, Ricky absolutely adored his daughters and promised to continue to provide for them. He even set up a trust fund when the opportunity came. They can go to university.

Trust Fund

Ricky didn’t stop the overnight embrace of his relatives. Also, he wanted the kids to be properly cared for. He has set up a trust fund so that they will go to college when the time arises. That was more than a good thing about Ricky.

Losing Someone

Losing someone and having a family for years would be painful, to hear that your kids are not yours. This goes beyond education, and his entire world has been turned towards success. Nonetheless, he sought the courage to climb beyond the situation.

Because Of Love

It was painful for Ricky to find that his life wasn’t really his, but he knew that he had to live. Plus, all the affection he felt for his wife and children through the years did not immediately disappear.

Hardest Decision

He understood that his kids needed to be secured, no matter how complicated the choice was. What he was capable of doing, at least, was safeguarding their future, offering them some help whilst the rest would be with them. In similar situations, Ricky has done something that some have never done.

Paternity Fraud

Fraud of paternity is where an individual is mistakenly recognized to be the biological father of a child. This form of deception has been widespread throughout history, and it still is today. In most situations, it’s synonymous with adultery.