Zelenskyy promises new supplies and weapons for troops

President Zelenskyy has promised troops on the frontline more supplies and weapons as winter edges closer. 

“There will be new supplies,” he said on Telegram.

There has been widespread reports of Ukraine running short on munitions, and the president has ramped up calls for new Western weapons and ammunition over the past months –  as well pledging to step up Ukrainian production. 

“It is very important that there will be a new production of our weapons, and we have outlined several priority items with the warriors,” he added

“This is what needs to be done. We will do it!”

Another drone downed over Russian soil

The Russian defence ministry has claimed it has downed yet another drone over its territory this evening. 

The drone was downed in the Bryansk region, which borders Ukraine, just before midnight Russian time (10pm UK time), but the MoD did not confirm if there were any casualties or any damage caused. 

The claims have not been verified. 

If reports are to be believed, drone attacks are becoming an almost daily occurrence on Russian soil, as Ukraine seemingly ramps up its efforts to strike outside its borders.