Zayn Malik hates stardom, always wishing for a ‘normal’ life

Zayn Malik, the former One Direction singer, has revealed in a latest interview that he’s not interested in the celebrity status attached to his name.

Image: Zayn Malik

Zayn’s one of four selected to grace the cover of Highsnobiety Magazine‘s 13th issue, including rapper Young Thug, designer Haider Ackerman and entrepreneur Edison Chen.

The 23-year-old admits in an interview with HighSnobiety Magazine: “I hate the word celebrity.”

“[Talking about attacks on his personality from fellow artists and the media] Generally, I try not to comment on politics or controversial issues in public because I don’t think that it’s my place,” says Zayn.

The former One Direction star continues: “I struggle with the invasion of privacy that comes with this job. I also think one of the most negative aspects of being in the public eye is that you have no control over people’s perception of you.”

Image: Zayn Malik

Earlier this year, Zayn revealed how anxiety forced him to cancel shows. He also had to seek help from Adele’s manager, after hearing that the British singer suffered same issues but got through it.

“I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity, because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people. Some people just want to hang around you because they know your name … I can see through that bulls**t a mile off,” he added.

Zayn shot to limelight at the young age of 17, after auditioning for UK’s X Factor which led to his inclusion in the newly formed group ‘One Direction’. He was also the first singer to leave in 2015.

The singer who’s linked to beautiful model Gigi Hadid, cited privacy as his main reason for exiting the all-boys music group. He admits being unable to absorb the pressures of living the life of a celebrity.

In March, exactly one year after going solo, Zayn released his debut album titled Mind of Mine. His new label affiliate RCA was in charge of production and sales.

His single track ‘PILLOWTALK‘ broke records in February as the most global first-day and weekly streams for a debut artist track. The record was previously held by Justin Bieber.

Zayn’s Mind of Mine made it to the number one spot on both the U.S. and UK charts, becoming the first solo album from a British male singer to do so.

Talking about living like a star and being a role model for young people, the singer said: “You have to not give a shit what people think about you. You have to guide your own career and not follow other people’s expectations of what kind of artist they want you to be.”

The pop star adds: “It’s cynical to say, but I think to really ‘make it’ in a commercial sense, you have to be a bit of a faker. If you’re not going to be fake, then you need a really thick skin.”

Image: Zayn Malik

Zayn has eye on something different from music and that’s fashion. He hopes to be a designer in the nearest future, a dream he has long nurtured even before attending Louis Vuitton and Valentino’s SS16 fashion show where he sat at the front row.

“[After landing a collaboration with a famous Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti] I like to express creativity in as many different ways as possible and I’m always exploring new things. Designing shoes was an interesting form of art for me because I was having to create something that has aesthetic value, like music or painting, but is functional at the same time.”

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