YouTube celebrity to release a sex tape once she gets 1 Million Subscribers

YouTube is a wonderland where anyone can be anything if they dream it, and put their hearts in it. In this world, you only need to display your talents, and viola! The world is at your feet.

Lena Nersesian is the curvy YouTube star who recently released a video where she promised to make a sex tape for fans, only if she hits one-million subscribers.

The bootylicious babe is known for her erotic contents, but all efforts to increase her current 127,856 followers so far seem not to be yielding fruits.

On 18 January, “Lena the Plug” uploaded to her channel a short video titled “SEXTAPE AT 1 MILL,” where she made the promise.

Rumors are rife that the long-awaited sex tape will probably feature a fellow YouTube star @Adam22, who is also hoping to reach the same goal. Lena says she has rejected many offers to feature in sex videos but adds that only 1 million subscribers will inspire her.

Lena the Plug ass

“Adam and I had sort of joked once when we first met that if the money was right, we’d make porn together,” Lena told Heavy.

“The idea was there from the get-go in a way. Fast-forward a couple months and I launch a YouTube channel and star alongside him on his channel a bunch (No Jumper),” she added.

“The joke about making a sex tape pretty much evolved into “Sex Tape at 1 million” idea and here we are… We’re both pretty excited about it, to be honest.”

Lena the Plug ass

The erotic video has been viewed over 1,250,000 times, and counting as at this moment.

“You may or may not have heard that I am planning on making a sex tape when I hit a million subscribers,” she told her fans.

“I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the last year, putting provocative pictures on the Internet will get you such offers but it’s never been something I’ve been interested in or tempted by.” Lena adds.

“A sex tape with someone that I’m seeing and totally comfortable having sex with – that sounds cool to me. If you want to see me get f***** then you should subscribe to my channel.”

Lena the Plug ass

Lena the Plug


Lena’s desire to reach one-million subscribers and the willingness to sell her privacy for fame has been criticized by many moralists.

However, her comments section shows a lot of fans don’t believe she’d ever keep her promise after reaching the goal.

Some called it a publicity stunt while many others accused her of “moral insanity.”

Surprisingly, Lena the Plug now has 150,000 + subscribers, a tremendous increase from the initial 127,856 followers.

Lena Nersesian

“I’m sure her parents are proud. It’s not every conservative family that raises a prostitute,” a fan wrote.

“Yeah, because you must know all the statistics to be sure conservative families don’t raise ‘people that do stuff like this,'” another one wrote. “And I would like to know what is the problem? It’s her body, not yours, stop being jealous because she’s hot and you’re not, thanks.”

One observer added: “Since when people defend whores.”

“I blame Kim for poisoning Armenian women to over sexualizing race,” another one said.