You see, I keep just hanging on


…When hanging was the sentence, on conviction, for crimes – in these days termed offences – which are no punished by imprisonment, some judges from meting out the sentence of death almost indiscriminately came to be known as “hanging judges.”

Justice Page was one of them. When he was decrepit he perpetrated a joke against himself.

Coming out of the Court one day and shuffling along the street a friend stopped him to inquire after his health.

“My dear sir,” the judge replied, “you see I keep just hanging on–hanging on.”


Another Chief Justice of the “hanging” period , whose integrity was not above suspicion, was sitting in Court one day at his case and lolling on his elbow, when a convict from the dock hurled a stone at him which fortunately passed over his head.

You see,” said the learned man as he smilingly received the congratulations of those present, “–you see now, if I had been an upright judge I had been slain.”

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*Credit: George Alexander Morton