You and Me Against the World

The cloud, full of beauty and mystery,

Always different each time we stare

Never a word to describe its fairness,

Except we compare its light to darkness.


Stars glittering with bewildering lighting,

Know their fates could wait a billion years

But the larger a star, the shorter its lifetime,

A reason silence yells when we ponder aright.


The night sky, a large expanse of space

Glooming with peace, order, and waste,

Proves our cosmic habitat has more

Energy and balance than common law.


The sun rises and sets for a reason;

In prisons, there’re times and seasons

As the sun, moon, and stars reign in their space

Nothing in this vain world stays the same.


We frown and grumble about climate change

Everyone complains but do nothing to save the earth

Why are humans always anxious for nothing,

When they can think, act, and paint the world green with something?


We’re unpredictable and constantly changing

In a deteriorating planet that needs commitment and action

It’s always us who change, not the cosmos or earth

It depends on where we stand and how we stare.

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