Would You Participate In A Kissing Contest?

Kissing a stranger could be a great adventure worth trying, for many.

Image shows couples engaging in a kissing contest.

Why not, if there are reasons to try?

Surely, one might argue this to be strange but it’s something that’s happening everywhere, every minute or second, and somewhere in the world. Maybe around you, too.

Image: Strong man displays strength doing push-ups while kissing in a contest.

The 21st Century has brought humans a lot of weird and awesome experiences especially, questionable lifestyles. What used to be abhorred in the society a few years ago has suddenly become norms and we call it modernization, probably ‘freedom’ explains it better.

Image: Chinese ninja couple kissing hard to win a kissing contest.

The question about kissing a stranger depends on one’s morality perspective as well as other unbelievable reasons.

A group of college students from three Chinese universities – Hunan University, Central South University and Hunan Normal University – recently held a “KISS A STRANGER” contest.

Image: Acclaimed ninja couple in a different kissing position.

The event started earlier in March when the organizers commenced recruitment of volunteers. Reports confirm that out of the 200 student couples between the ages of 18 and 22 who willingly signed up for the competition, only 10 couples were able to reach the goal.

‘All participants understood the activity as a way of expressing mutual trust.’

Marathon kissing contest 1.

Marathon kissing contest 2.

Marathon kissing contest 3.

Out of the 200 students who signed up, 80 were females. Surprisingly, on May 7, an additional 40 students showed up with the majority being girls.

During the activities, volunteers engaged in a few warm-up games to get acquainted with one another. Then there was balloting for partners – ‘kissing partners’.

Sadly, in the 30 minutes duration of the mutual kissing contest, 10 couples didn’t find their partners kissable.

Image shows couple kissing during a contest.

Overall, the female participants in the kissing contest displayed more skills than the males.