World Cup 2022: Hugo Lloris reveals the winning secret of French teams

France’s Hugo Lloris is bidding to become the first man to captain two World Cup winning teams.

In 1934 and 1938, the Italian captains were first Gianpiero Combi and then Giuseppe Meazza. In 1958 and 1962, the Brazilian captains were Hilderaldo Bellini and then Mauro Ramos.

Lloris has been speaking about the Doha flu in the French camp.

We are going to try and do our best in spite of the circumstances. I think thanks to the adrenaline and the excitement we will feel we will all be fit enough and ready to do whatever we can to win this last battle.

In the past we have proved that French teams who have been successful have always based that success on a strong team spirit.

So we try to draw from that, there is a very good feeling in the camp since the beginning of the tournament and there is no reason why that shouldn’t be the same again tomorrow.

You’re never really prepared for that type of thing but we are trying to get ready for this match the best we can, these are things for which we weren’t necessarily prepared but we remain focused and of course we are very excited to play in a World Cup final.

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