Woman Who Divorced Son And Married Daughter, If Facing Jail Term For Incest.

A woman who got married to her son in 1998, divorced him 2 years later, and waited for another 6 years before marrying daughter, is now facing threats of life in prison for incest.

Mother who married daughter faces jail for incest... 8 years after she married her son

Image shows mom-of-two Patricia and son Jody who were married back in 2008.

The Oklahoma woman named Patricia Spann, 43, married 25-year-old Misty Spann in March 2016 in Comanche County. Six years previously, she had annulled her previous marriage – to her son Jody.

Reports confirm that earlier in August this year, Patricia and Misty’s relationship was busted by the Department of Human Services during a child welfare investigation.

Under state law, the marriage of close relatives is considered incestuous whether or not they also have a sexual relationship.


Image shows Patricia and Misty.

The accused mom and daughter have been arrested and are currently held in Stephens County Jail.

Police statement confirms Patricia Spann had lost custody of her daughter and two sons, who were raised by their paternal grandmother.

Spann was reunited with Misty in 2014.