Woman tells court ex-husband can’t stop calling her

In what could be the most extreme case of stalking, supposedly yet to be recorded in the history of the country’s legal system, a Bulawayo woman sued her ex-lover with a shocking complaint that he was in the habit of obsessively calling her a formidable 70 times a day.

Noleen Moyo from Lobengula West claimed she hasn’t been enjoying life in any way from the time she separated with her lover Simbarashe Mkutshulwa because of his obsessive-compulsive behavior of calling her non-stop.

Besides obsessively calling her, Moyo said her ex-lover was also showing up at her residence and workplace uninvited. It seems Mkutshulwa didn’t take it lightly when Moyo with whom he had a child, dumped him for someone.

“Simbarashe Mkutshulwa is continuously harassing me, making endless calls day and night while also threatening to harm my workmate. Ever since we separated he calls me up to 70 times a day until my phone runs out of battery.

“He is also stalking me. He follows me wherever I go such that I always have to look behind to see if he is not following me. Whenever he meets me in town he forcibly drags me or assaults me. I no longer have peace as he is also phoning my relatives telling them that I am a prostitute,” grumbled Moyo.

She then begged: “We separated in April this year because he was promiscuous. We have a child together but he took the child. I now need protection from the court so that he stops harassing me with his calls and visits to my residence and workplace.”

An inconsolable Mkutshulwa didn’t refute his lover’s accusations saying his multiple calls a day were meant to “fix” their broken relationship.

“When phoning her I will be trying to fix our relationship. I suspect she is now seeing someone because the man she said is her workmate is the source of all our problems as they are always together. 

“The other day I slapped her after she left our six-month-old baby with her brother’s wife while going out to meet that man and came back at around 10pm. The other day I also busted them at the park,” a seemingly heartbroken Mkutshulwa said.

Moyo was profoundly relieved after the presiding magistrate sternly ordered Mkutshulwa not to phone her, visit her residence and workplace as well as not to verbally abuse her or threaten her in any way.