Woman Sues A Matchmaking Agency For Not Finding Her A Billionaire Husband.

An angry Chinese woman has sued a matchmaking agency for scam after she paid a total 700,000 yuan (about $110,000) for them to help her find Mr. Right.

The woman named Gao (surname) paid the fee in installments. The company requested 100,000 yuan as the initial registration fee and when the suitors provided didn’t measure up to her expectations, the company requested for another 600,000 yuan so they could find her a billionaire husband.\

The divorced businesswoman from Zhejiang province in the eastern part of China owns an e-commerce company.

She became uncomfortable and suspicious when the company could not keep their words. So she asked for a refund. The matchmaking agency told her the paid amount could not be returned rather they offered to improve in their services.

Gao resorted to hiring a debt collection agency to get her money back.

The manager of the said company is claiming that they provided Gao with a total of 43 men and she couldn’t accept any of them as suitable for a life partner. Therefore, in the agency’s defense, the company did not breach any agreement.

According to Ke Zhi, the director of a local law firm, “matchmaking agency must provide correspondent service to the sum of money that they charged.

“Gao does have the right to apply for a refund if the services were not what was promised.

The lawyer concluded with the suggestion that Gao should seek help from a consumer association or even take legal action.

Strutting their stuff: Services offered by the dating agency included adverts online and national auditions. Pictured is a similar event in Hubei province where single women compete to meet rich bachelors

A similar incident was reported in 2015 when a wealthy Chinese businessman in his 40’s sued a dating agency for failing to find him a ‘pure, sweet and young’ wife. The man paid a total seven million Yuan (£740,000) for the disappointing matchmaking services.

Matchmaking: A Chinese businessman has sued a dating agency for failing to find him the perfect wife, despite paying them £740,000. Dating events (pictured) are popular in the country and sometimes include bikini shows

The agency tried hard to give Mr Zhang maximum satisfaction in their services.

The Shanghai-based company carried out national modeling auditions in order to achieve the goal but the man could not find any of the pretty girls attractive.

There were advertisements on all social media. He wanted girls aged 20-28 and between 5ft 4inches to 5ft 8inches. Marriage counsellors and psychologists were also hired to grant interview.

In the end, a court ruling granted him a four million yuan (£420,000) refund.