Woman shot and killed male friend on a surprise visit

A woman in New Jersey has shot and killed a close friend who paid her a surprise visit. The shooter claims she was startled when someone showed up in front of her doorway without prior notice, so she acted in self defense, believing he had evil intentions.

Kelvin Watford

However, the 50-year-old man named Kelvin Watford was already dead before the Hamilton home owner realized she just killed her close friend.

Alvin Hursley, a brother to the deceased Willingboro resident, said his family is yet to recover from the shock.

Talking to reporters about the “accidental” shooting, Hursley said: “He didn’t have an enemy in this world.”

Among those mourning Watford’s death are his children and cousins.

The woman whose identity was not released by police claims she heard a dog barking near her home, and soon realized the alleged intruder was making his way into her house.

She panicked but quickly retrieved her gun and fired at the shadow very close to her stairway before dialing 911.

According to a report from Newser, the late Watford had earlier told his shooter that he wasn’t in town, so the woman wasn’t expecting anyone. He was also talking with a friend on the phone, confirming he just returned from a trip before the New Jersey woman “unknowingly” fired at him.

Police officers who responded to the emergency call said they found Watford’s body lying at the bottom of the stairs.

He was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

A report from NJ.com quotes the Mercer County prosecutor’s office as saying that an investigation into the death is ongoing, adding that it appears to be an accident.

Watford died at the scene around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, the report confirms.

No charges have been filed against the shooter.