Student claims she had sex with teacher while dressed in his wife’s wedding gown

Simon Ball, a music teacher in the United Kingdom, is currently facing charges on sexual abuse after three school girls testified against him. One of the girls said they watched pornographic movies before having a marathon sex on his wife’s wedding dress.

Simon Ball allegedly had sex with a pupil on top of his wife's wedding dress

Image: Simon Ball

According to a report from The Sun [], Simon slept with his female students at his home located in North Yorkshire.

One of the underage girls who was once a boarding school student, said she would sneak out from her family home to visit Simon for sex while her parents are asleep.

On one of the occasions, she claims his condom got torn and he took her to get a morning-after pill.

However, she adds that the teacher was able to get some pills without her showing up at the pharmacy.

A jury of seven men and five woman were at Peterborough Crown Court during the 42-year-old’s second trial.

The tribunal received detailed police interviews which were conducted with the victims.

Among the recorded interviews was a testimony from one of the “sexually active” young girls who said she visited her teacher’s home and had sex with him after they watched adult movies.

“I remember him putting pornography on while we were in the living room and it was just like, it was just a sex fest. It was sex all night,” she said in the video.

Among the revelations in court is the shocking testimony that Simon had sex with his “talented” student while she lay on his wife’s wedding dress.

The court heard how he lay her on the floor of a small room in his secluded North Yorkshire home before they “had fun” like two adults.

“He asked me to have sex on his wife’s wedding dress and we did,” the girl told prosecutors.

“He got it out and he laid it on the floor and we had sex on top of it and he put it back in the cupboard.

“I just remember the whole way through the relationship I hated his wife. I absolutely hated her.

“I just remember she was there sometimes, was around school and I absolutely hated her and he [Simon] just made me have this feeling about her that she was a complete and utter cow.

“And I remember when he suggested doing that on her wedding dress it was like ‘she’s a b****’ and ‘lets do it’.

“I just remember the whole way through I just absolutely hated her.”

Simon Ball has been a sex offender for some years but was never prosecuted by the authorities.

In early 2000, he allegedly abused three girls while working as a teacher in a private North Yorkshire school but was never charged to court.

After he was relieved of his contract – with a positive reference letter, the randy teacher did it again at another school, the Peterborough Crown Court heard.

However, Simon was exposed once again while working at a private Cambridgeshire school.

The 42-year-old who has since separated from his wife since his sexcapades was made public, is said to have enjoyed sex with the young girls at different locations in his schools.

A pupil who testified against him said they had sex on different occasions and at multiple locations, including the school music room and on his wife’s wedding dress.

Simon’s wife, now ex, is expected to give evidence against him in court.

One of the abused girls said she once went to the randy man’s house and found another victim was already there. Good coincidence, they enjoyed a threesome sex, the court heard.

In 2015 when the trials started, one of the two girls denied having a threesome with him because she felt they were in love. She initially thought the testimony would end their relationship. Eventually, she opened up to the police after a short time later.

Court hearing in the sex abuse allegation against Simon Ball continues.

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