Woman insists Steven Seagal raped her in 1993

A woman who once had an ambition to become one of Hollywood’s famous actresses has made claims against Steven Seagal, who she said had forced himself on her at a wrap party for the film On Deadly Ground.

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Image: Steven Seagal

The 43-year-old woman named Regina Simmons said Seagal raped her, even with the picture of his wife lying there on his bed.

“I couldn’t move,” the mother-of-two who was 18 at that time said on Friday, adding that she had to focus on the picture while Seagal had his way.

During an interview that aired on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today, Regina described she called the alleged assault as “very predatory, very aggressive and traumatizing”.

She told the host: “I immediately asked him where everyone else was and he said that everyone had left and he wanted to show me something and took me into what seemed to be a bedroom.

“He closed the door and tried to kiss me and took my clothes off and before I knew it he was on top of me.

“I couldn’t move. I just completely froze and even felt like I left my body. I know I was crying.

“Everything seemed pretty quick, there was not a lot of time to process what had happened.

“I was only there to network and meet with industry people and it completely caught me off guard.”

Simons said she was surprised to find that she was the only one invited to Seagal’s 1993 party to celebrate the end of filming because she had been an extra.

During the alleged attack, Simons said she remembers looking at a photo of Seagal and “the lady from ‘Weird Science.’” At the time, Seagal was married to Kelly LeBrock, who starred in “Weird Science.”

Simon said she reported her allegations to Beverly Hills, California police, where the incident occurred.

She is not the first woman to have accused the 65-year-old actor of sexual misconduct.

Jenny McCarthy said the action star sexually harassed her during a 1995 audition, while Portia de Rossi and accused Seagal of unzipping his pants during an audition. In addition, Rachel Grant also told stories of how the man asked her to undress.

A Seagal spokesman denied McCarthy’s accusations to The Daily Beast although she had also told the same story to Movieline in 1998.