Woman chasing ‘cheating hubby’ dies in car accident

A woman in Calabar has lost her life in a fatal car crash that the authorities have attributed to a possible over-speeding.

Maikano Hassan, the sector commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Cross River State, confirmed her death on Monday.

He simply identified the vic­tim as “Mrs. Bassey.”

Hassan said the crash oc­curred on Sunday along Mur­tala Muhammed Highway in Calabar.

The sector commander added that the incident involved a Toy­ota Highlander.

Reports had earlier surfaced that the victim, who later died en route to the hospital, crashed the vehicle after she veered off the road while in pursuit of her hus­band who she had suspected was having an extramarital affair.

Image combo shows Late Mrs Sonnie Bassey and her husband

In one of such reports, a source was quoted as saying the woman sighted her husband leaving a shopping mall with a purported girlfriend and tried to block her husband’s car with the Toyota Highlander she was driving in.

It was gathered that the man maneuvered his way out and took to the Murtala Highway with his wife in pursuit.


The source was quoted as revealing that it was in the hot chase that Bassey lost control of the speeding vehicle, veered off the road, and rammed the vehi­cle into a tree in a series of events that ultimately claimed her life.

Reacting to the report, Has­san said the FRSC was still in­vestigating the intentions behind the deceased’s over-speeding.

He stated that the agency was only just learning about the ac­count involving a purportedly evasive husband.

“We received information about a crash on Murtala High­way. Our patrol team went there and did the needful. Our work is to rescue and clear obstruc­tions. We’re not aware of a chase involving a husband,” the com­mander said.

“The suspected cause of the crash is speed. That’s what is under investigation. We’re yet to know her mission with that. We questioned passersby. They confirmed she sped. There was no one there to ask what [else] happened,” he stated.