Woman caught giving oral sex in a plane

A woman of easy virtue was caught blowing a young man aboard a plane, and media reports confirm the strangers are now facing criminal charges in the USA.

The couple were said to have met each other during a Delta Air flight. They quickly hit it off before the plane from Los Angeles landed in Detroit.

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According to UK’s Metro, the 48-year-old woman was charmed by her 28-year-old acquaintance, and the heat was much on her that she couldn’t wait to taste a bit of him.

They were heading to different directions before the risky sex. She was traveling to Nashville while the boy’s destination was Miami.

However, the couple were arrested on their seats, where the action took place.

Police at Detroit Airport manhandled them at first sight before filing charges against them.

FBI said the offense was committed in the air and declared it a federal matter. It was unclear if the couple had been drinking before the criminal act.