Woman arrested in Brooklyn for harassing Jewish man

After failing to proselytize him, woman harasses Orthodox Jewish man in Boro Park, New York.

A woman who was filmed harassing an Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn has been arrested, a local Jewish neighborhood watch group said.

The suspect was filmed knocking a shtreimel – a kind of traditional Hasidic headgear – off of an Orthodox Jewish man’s head Saturday afternoon.

The incident occurred near the corner of New Utrecht and 11th Avenue, as the victim was walking to synagogue for afternoon prayers.

According to a report by Yeshiva World News, the woman initially tried to proselytize him.

When the victim asked her to leave him alone, however, the woman became incensed, hurling antisemitic epithets and knocking his shtreimel off.

Police were later notified, and managed to identify the suspect, thanks in part to security camera footage of the incident.

Officers located and arrested the suspect, the Boro Park Shomrim said.

Last Thursday a similar incident occurred, when a passing bicyclist knocked off a Hasidic man’s hat.

The incident occurred on 18th Avenue and 48th Street, as the victim was walking down the street.

Two passersby alerted the Boro Park Shomrim, and pursued the suspect, who was later arrested.