Will INEC influence court decision against LP, Peter Obi, and Nigerians?

corruption in Nigeria

INEC has approached the Court of Appeal in Abuja, to stop Peter Obi from inspecting its BVAS devices claiming that they need to reconfigure the devices.

INEC has also asked the court to grant them permission to reconfigure the devices using the upcoming State elections (scheduled to hold on Saturday) as an excuse.

This is just proof that INEC intentionally configured BVAS to rig the election and now they are fighting to cover their track.

I’m afraid that the court may grant their request and thereby bury a strong evidence of Manipulation of BVAS forever.

Dear Obidients and fellow Nigerians, if INEC’s request to reconfigure the devices are granted before Peter Obi’s team inspects the devices, then forget it.

This is probably why Atiku went on the protest today…. But this is beyond protest. INEC’s request should be immediately countered (if possible) to save evidence.

There’s a high possibility that State elections may be postponed especially if the court denies INEC the permission to reconfigure their BVAS devices.
Why should we be in a rush to conduct state elections when the Presidential Election was extremely flawed? Peter Obi is fighting, Nigerians will win.

Nigerians, if INEC reconfigures BVAS through a court order, Justice would have been aborted – prematurely.
Your 1st Online Protest should be to the court. Do not keep quiet. They robbed you at the polls & now they want to rob you at the judiciary. INEC will give their order in a matter of hours, your timeline, blogs etc should be flooded with #PostponeStateElection #INECLeaveBVASalone etc – once INEC gets the green light from court, trust me, everything we worked for will enter potopoto.

PETER OBI should not be robbed at the polls and also robbed in court. Was this why they asked us to “go to court”?

The court should not grant INEC this order in the interest of justice and peace.

Is it possible that the #BVAS contains evidence that #PeterObi won the election and now #INEC wants to use the court to reconfigure BVAS & abort justice?
The information I’m receiving is mind blowing.

It is really disturbing for INEC to ask for devices to be reconfigured.