Wicked young men set homeless man ablaze after taking selfies at Munich Train Station

Police have arrested two young men who set a homeless man on fire after taking selfies with him at a train station in Munich, Germany.

The victim was reportedly sleeping on a bench and unaware of their presence during the incident, media reports confirm.

Images from a CCTV camera showed the suspects approaching their prey for selfies. One of the heartless young men sat down beside the rough sleeper and curled his hand around him.

According to a German newspaper, they knew the 51-year-old gypsy had passed out so they tried lighting up his belongings with a cigarette after taking numerous selfies with him.

Detectives in Germany released the footage last weekend.

Fortunately for the homeless man, two of the three passers-by who witnessed their wicked act quickly intervened to save the poor man’s precious life while the third one called in officials from emergency services.

The two attackers were recognized by several witnesses after the footage surfaced online.

According to Unilad.co.uk, one of the perpetrators who also doesn’t have a fixed address reported himself to the police on Sunday. He is 25 years old. His accomplice, a 29-year-old foreigner, was arrested at his work place in Munich.

A police spokesman confirmed the two young men are Italian nationals.

The rascals made confessional statements to police, stressing that they were only ‘having some fun.’