WICKED-WORLD: She was locked in a cage and abandoned in a forest for over 10 years

A Chinese woman who was locked up in a cage and abandoned for death in a snake-infested forest has miraculously survived after more than a decade.

The woman in her cage in China

The mentally unstable woman was condemned by her family over a period of ten years.

They never thought she would make it that far after exposing the loon to snakes, mosquitoes and other dangerous wild creatures but guess what? She survived against all odds.

According to local media reports, the middle-aged woman was ostracized by her brother who thought she was mad. He locked her up in the rain forest, expecting she would die in a short while.

However, the 42-year-old woman named Xiong Simei received a miracle after an 18-year-old student discovered her slave home and alerted the police.

The cage is merely a shack that is exposed to the elements

The good Samaritan named Xiao Junyu said she couldn’t believe her eyes after sighting Simei in that dilapidated 43-square-foot cage wearing some ratty clothes. She had very little supplies to keep her alive.

Simei’s prison is reportedly located about 150 yards from the village of Ganxi, Zhenyuan County, in south-western China’s Guizhou Province.

Of course, her master-brother locked her cage with a padlock to ensure she stayed out of sight but within reach.

The unnamed jailer told reporters in an interview that his sister suffered depression and mental illness around 2000 after her marriage collapsed.

She was driven away by her then-husband, but Simei returned home as a violent person, attacking people at random and destroying whatever she lays hand on.

The jailer said he had to take actions against her, so he could comfortably go to work knowing his sister would pose no danger to people around their home.

“Our mother is a mute and our father died many years ago,” he said.

“Although the government gives us a 200-RMB (£23) per month subsidy, we are still too poor to afford treatment.”

The student Xiao Junyu (left) with Xiong Ximei

Image shows Xiao Junyu and Xiong Simei, the alleged lunatic.

Junyu, the girl who found Simei, has taken it as a responsibility to visit the prisoner everyday with her friends.

Although the caged woman is yet to go off the hook, Junyu ensures she has enough food and clothes for a better life.

“She tells me she can handle the cold weather because summer is much worse,” the young girl told reporters.

“She is often bitten by mosquitoes, insects and snakes.”

The discovery has been reported to the police but a decision is yet to be reached with Simei’s family.