Why you suffer disappointments in love and relationships


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Have you ever wondered why some people have it rosy in love and relationships? The answers you seek aren’t all with astrologers and will never depend on luck, fate or your desire to love and be loved.

New findings from researchers show that everyone’s love life is mostly a reflection of the mother’s romantic history—with regards to fidelity, respect and loyalty, among other personal characteristics.

According to Claire Kamp Dush, a lead researcher and associate professor of human sciences and sociology at Ohio State University, mothers are crucial in determining their children’s love life because every woman has some certain attributes that make her desirable—more or less—in the marriage market.

‘These attractive or unappealing characteristics also make women better or worse at relationships,’ Dush explained, ‘and children inherit these attitudes, skills and behaviors at a very young age, eventually taking every bit of it with them into their relationships and marriages.’

The team of researchers in Dush’s team examined results from data collected in a nationwide survey involving over 7,100 participants in a period of 24 years.

Findings show that survey participants are most likely to follow the same path if their mothers had rocky marriages or enjoyed romantic relationships with their partners.

The results also showed that women who spent more years cohabitating with their partners “before or without marriage” are most likely to have timid kids who end up as heart-breakers.

Dush described cohabitation as “an attractive, lower-commitment type of relationship” which does not benefit children, especially if a mother stayed in such relationships for a longer period of time. ‘Participants from such mothers often grow used to cohabiting relationships and are most likely to break up with their lovers for lack of commitment,’ she wrote in PLoS One in November.

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