Why you should visit Denver, Colorado

Best Road Trip Experience to Denver

Tourists usually get thrills and lasting memories from professional car rental agencies near Denver international airport. Moreover, business owners in Colorado’s capital city basically understand the “Customer is King” maxim, as evident in their uncompromising customer service strategies, but that’s a tip of the iceberg. There are many reasons why you should visit Denver, the capital city of Colorado, USA.

My recent visit to Mile High City was just to relax and expand my horizons of the 12-city U.S. state and the options for fun were never in shortage during the creative road trips—thanks to the high level of professionalism displayed by the assigned driver who also served as a tour guide.


Unexpected surprises

Immediately after landing at Denver international airport and booking tour services from one of the nearby car rental companies, I and my family spent long hours making discoveries on roads trip from locations we never explored before. Here’s a chronicle of our experience:

Salida: Strange as the word sounds, we drove all the way from Denver airport through Hampden Avenue to this location in the south for an awe-inspiring dreamlike mountain view in the early morning hours. After weaving through a web of highways in Bailey and Morrison, we found a nice place for our breakfast. And guess what. The burrito was so extraordinary that you would never want to miss it anytime you’re in Denver.

Tourist Sites: A drive to the South Park, Pike and San Isabel National Forests as well as South Park City Museum was so pleasant that, after exploring some of the hidden gems in Mile High City, my wife frantically suggested calling an estate agent for home sales inquiries.

Secret Gems: As we explored the beauty of Pearl Street, Red Rocks and 16th Street Mall, my 18-year-old son begged for an experience in more unique places only known to natives. ‘Dad, I want a sneak peek into the Wizard’s Chest, Crystal Soul Path—even Beatrice and Woodsley…,’ he blabbed but was jokingly hushed down by the driver who said: ‘That Woodsley place isn’t a place for young people like you, boy—liquor will get you in trouble…’ We later visited Beatrice and Woodsley due to its proximity and discovered it’s a restaurant with quality local and continental food. The classy food shop has classy decorations, amazing restrooms, huge wine rack, different menus/recipes and experienced wait staff who pampered us throughout the duration of our stay. ‘I’d have skipped this lovely place because their picture on the tour book shows wine racks,’ I murmured. ‘That’s judging a book by its cover,’ my wife retorted.

Sporting Activities: One of my best memories came from a dive in Casa Bonita and guided hiking tour at Rocky Mountain National Park. But getting an indoor skydiving and supercar experience for our son made the most impact during the visit to Denver.

Final Thoughts

For a memorable experience in Denver, get a professional tour guide from any reputable car rental agencies around Denver international airport.