Why this Liberian man killed his American-based brother and sister-in-law who returned home for Xmas

A Liberian man has allegedly killed his blood brother and sister-in-law after the couple arrived home from the United States for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The suspect was contracted to help carry out a building project for his US-based brother until recently when their scam home was “completed”.

Unknown to the investor, his trusted brother had neither bought a land nor erected any building as he claimed. The funds were squandered as soon as his account was credited, but the heartless man deceived them with fabricated lies.

The fraudster kept his brother and sister-in-law updated with detailed pictures until the dreamland castle was completed.

According to Facebook source who knew the deceased couple, this shocking incident has left many Liberians dumbfounded.

Image shows the deceased couple lying lifeless on their bed.

The Minnesota residents arrived home for Christmas hoping to see their new mansion but unknown to them, an untimely death was lurking in the dark. Their evil brother who knew he had nothing to show for the dollars received, made a decision to take lives.

According to the social media update, these American returnees were served a sumptuous mean which, unknowingly to them, was laced with poison. The food ended up being their last supper.

Isn’t money the root of all evil?

This information was shared by a Facebook user named Aremo Oriola.