Finding criminals responsible for Kim Kardashian’s $10m heist

It’s very bad that a top-class celebrity like Kim Kardashian was left alone with no guard in far away France, and even worse that a group of disrespectful armed robbers dressed as policemen had the courage to attack the world’s Snapchat queen in a $10 million heist.

The worst situation at the moment is, there’s very little or no chance that the criminals responsible for manhandling Kanye West‘s wife may be found.

Kim's husband Kanye West first learned of the incident while on stage in New York

Image: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

One of the suspects in police custody, a photographer who was on Kim’s trail from the day she arrived Paris, has been answering questions but there’s no evidence connecting him to the robbery yet.

The photographer got too close to Kanye’s wife at a restaurant by posing as a police. He was however, asked to provide an ID before he bolted from the scene.

Police confirmed there’s no CCTV footage on anyone entering or exiting the No Address Hotel though reports say the hotel porter was taken hostage and used as a bait to get Kim.

While there are suspicions that the robbery could be an inside job, until there’s a verifiable evidence connecting anyone to the crime, the attack may go down history as one of the biggest crimes that couldn’t be cracked by police.

Selfie queen Kim Kardashian is famed for her risqué shots - but is terrified images not meant for the public will be leaked after gunmen robbed her two phones along with expensive jewellery

Image: Kim Kardashian

The 35-year-old TV star has been criticized for extensively documenting her public and private life on social media. Why would anyone choose to blame a victim instead of her attacker?

Kim loves living like a star and she’s one. If her lifestyle has been that risky, why has she stayed safe in America? Or, maybe it’s right to blame it on the security lapse in Paris.

After her arrival in France, reports confirm that her apartment in Rue Tronchet was described as a beehive for paparazzi and fans who treasured every rare glimpse they caught.

Kim, as we all know, loves publicity. And a barman who works opposite the building said in a report from The Sun: “She’s been popping in and out all the time.

“It’s always the same drill — a people carrier with dark windows turns up, along with the paparazzi and then we see her.

“Unfortunately too many people seem to know that she lives here.”

Flats in the same Paris block have been rented out for £25,000 a month. The fee includes a private cook, chauffeur and 24 hour concierge

Image shows the apartment where Kim Kardashian stayed in Paris.

Pictured is one of the luxurious main rooms in the complex where Kim Kardashian had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen by five armed masked men dressed as police officers. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from the window 

Admittedly, the mom-of-two has the right to live her life. But it’s arguable that her lifestyle was a main factor in this robbery incident.

Celebrities like Prince, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Jay-Z and Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic have all stayed at the hotel without such attacks, how come Kim was targeted?

Does Kim flaunt more wealth than other stars? The answer could be “yes” and “no” but whichever comes first will never justify the robbery.

‘They [the Kardashians] had three body guards to protect five members of the family staying at two different locations while flaunting their jewelry for everyone to see on the internet. Clearly this wasn’t enough,’ a source told Mail Online.

There are fears some of the jewelry stolen in the raid could have included a Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, diamond grillz and sentimental necklaces designed by her husband Kanye West

Image: Kim Kardashian

The armed robbers wanted her diamond ring valued at £3.5 million and they made away with it among other valuables.

A report from Daily Mail confirms: ‘Police scoured the area looking for footage from nearby shops and banks in a bid to find the armed thieves who made off with millions of pounds worth of jewelry  €1,000 in cash and a mobile phone which is said to have been remotely wiped.’ Unfortunately, the search turned up dry.

The hardest blow comes from that fact that there’s only one CCTV camera in front of the hotel – but it’s not facing the entrance, and Kim’s attackers knew it. So they carefully avoided the camera, leaving no clue behind.

Other reports say they left through the back door with hired bicycles and wore helmets.

Kim Kardashian West leaves 'L'Avenue' restaurant escoreted by her security Pascal Duvier on Sunday, just hours before the robbery

Image shows Kim Kardashian’s last picture as she leaves a Paris restaurant with Pascal Duvier and the diamond ring on her finger, a moment before the robbery attack.

Meanwhile, a source told Page Six that the robbery attack was least expected, adding that Kim never thought it was necessary to let a guard stand watch outside the apartment building.

A friend to the TV star said: ‘It sounds crazy but understand she’s in her own home, in an apartment with only one entry point which is coded with two keys and keypad. 

‘If a guard was there, what would have happened differently. Her guard doesn’t carry a gun. They had five guns – most likely more.’

Kim came dangerously close to exposing more than she bargained for on a night out the evening before

Image: Kim Kardashian

The events surrounding Kim’s robbery experience looks fishy, and this proves a point – that the criminals planned the attack for days, watched, waited and knew exactly when to strike without leaving traces behind.

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