Why Stephen Chow is threatening lawsuit against pretty Miss Hong Kong contestant?

In August, 59-year-old comedian Stephen Chow was rumoured to be romantically linked to 17-year-old failed Miss Hong Kong 2021 contestant named Ukei Cheung after they were seen boarding the same yacht to party and play water sports.

The media termed their relationship a “grandfather-granddaughter” one due to the 42-year age gap between them. Yes, it is shocking indeed. Soon after, Chow’s assistant stepped forward to deny the rumour saying that “there was a large group of people” on the boat with them that day and that Chow and Cheung  “hardly know each other”.

Stephen Chow
Image shows model Ukei Cheung, who is rumoured to be dating comedian Stephen Chow

Nevertheless, it seems like the simple denial is not enough. Hong Kong media broke the news on Sep 2 that Chow had sent a lawyer’s letter to Cheung ordering her to remove all photos that show her on a boat from social media, otherwise further legal action will be taken against her.

According to the letter, Chow had informed Cheung and the others who went wakesurfing with them that day that they are strictly prohibited from taking photos inside the yacht or even having it in the background of their shots.

It may seem extreme but it is not surprising, since it is coming from the notoriously private celebrity, as reported by 8days.sg. It appeared that everybody supposedly agreed to the terms but when the rumour about Chow and Cheung surfaced, Chow suspected that somebody had violated his no-photos-on-the-boat rule, which could have led to those romance rumours.

The controversy also appears to have led Chow to discover Cheung’s Instagram account, which contains quite a number of photos of her on boats.

As the whole incident had “adverse affects” on the comedy legend, he has asked the failed beauty contestant to deal with the matter immediately by deleting all pictures that show her engaging in water activities and promising not to share any more of such posts. It was not confirmed if Chow made the same request to anyone else who went on yacht trips with them.

Chow will sue Cheung and claim all legal fees and expenses from her if she is found to have ignored his instructions.