Why Scarlett Johansson chose Marchesa against the odds

Scarlett Johansson slayed both fans and critics at this year’s Met Gala but her fashion statement, a very bold one indeed, attracted huge criticisms for a few reasons.

The American actress chose an amazingly beautiful burgundy dress, complete with its tulle skirt and an off-shoulder neckline for the star-studded event. She neither expected an applause nor a reaction from boobirds but was sure to get people talking. It was all about her attractive dress from Marchesa.

Scarlett Johansson.jpg

Image: Scarlett Johansson

Johansson was a center of attraction at the Met Gala for her decision to walk the red carpet in a flowing designer dress from Marchesa, the fashion label co-founded by Georgina Chapman, estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein.

If you don’t know Mr. Harvey, consider him as one of the Hollywood legends – or villain, if that fits. He holds an unofficial record as the “Most Hated Hollywood Personality.”

Only a few celebrities have had the courage to associate themselves with Mr. Harvey since he was publicly accused and sued by women who claimed they were victims of his alleged “uncontrollable urge for sex.” Although lawsuits against the disgraced Hollywood icon are still pending, Johansson remained confident in her choice of fashion outfit saying it was a great pleasure to stand with the brand for that night.

Speaking to E News! on Tuesday night, the 33-year-old movie star said her decision to sport the clothing company was spurred by Marchesa’s ability to inspire confidence in women.

In her words: “I wore Marchesa because their clothes make women feel confident and beautiful…It is my pleasure to support a brand created by two incredibly talented and important female designers.”

Following an increasing social media backlash, Keren Craig (the co-founder of Marchesa) released an appreciative statement thanking Johansson for patronising the popular American fashion brand.

“We are truly honored that Scarlett chose to wear Marchesa for the Met Gala,” Keren wrote.

“She [Johansson] is an amazingly talented actor who has incredible style and presence. It was wonderful to work so closely with her in creating this custom look.”


Social media critics who lashed out at Johansson did so because the famous actress supports #TimesUp movement. After standing firm with other women against rape, sexual abuse and other forms of sexual misconduct, Johansson angered her loyal fans for being the first to “indirectly connect” with Mr. Harvey at a high-profile event, an act they described as hypocrisy.

“Wow Scarlett Johansson…Marchesa?? Are you serious? Such a thoughtless, problematic person, lest we forget Woody Allen is her favorite person to work with,” a Twitter user posted.

 “Scarlett Johansson (times up supporter) wears a Marchesa dress to the #METGALA18 , marking the first time a Marchesa dress has been worn at a high-profile event since the Weinstein scandal,” another added.

“Marchesa was heavily funded by Weinstein – the catalyst to the @TIMESUPNOW movement.”

“That’s pretty major of her and I hope it’s the end of the icing out of the brand,” another one wrote about Johansson but asked Marchesa critics to remember Keren has no connection with Mr. Harvey.

“Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are NOT responsible for Harvey Weinstein. Stop punishing them.”