Why Paris Hilton loves Saudi Arabia

“Everybody was so sweet and welcoming,” Paris Hilton, CEO of Paris Hilton Entertainment, told Al Arabiya English in an interview on Wednesday, following her first trip to Saudi Arabia.

“I had a wonderful time. I thought it was beautiful and very lovely people,” she added.

Hilton, who has over 11 million Instagram followers and 17 million Twitter followers, provided her insight on being a successful social media influencer, on the sidelines of the Milken Institute 2020 Middle East and Africa Summit.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton with Nayla al-Khaja, chief executive officer of UAE-based D-Seven Motion Pictures production company, during a news conference in Dubai on June 17, 2009. (Reuters)

The Middle East is “just a really magical place,” Hilton said.

“I think the people are wonderful, the hotels, the shopping, and the business opportunities out here,” she added.

In particular Hilton highlighted Dubai as “very exciting” location to be an influencer.

“It has amazing backdrops; you see people sky diving, and the Dubai Mall,” she said.

Hilton, the “original influencer,” said that the most important detail to remember as a content creator is to use your social media platform of choice “in the right way.”

“If you have a talent, you can use your phone and film content, put it out there and do something that resonates with the fans,” she said.

“It is very easy if you believe in what you do, and if you work hard and put up good content.”

Dubai will host Expo 2020 later this year, which Hilton says she has been invited to and hopes to attend.

For now though Hilton said, “I want to say happy 2020 for everybody.”

“Everyone, just keep following your dreams… I love you all and I love it here in the Middle East.”

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