Why Nigeria’s most popular Presidential aspirant Peter Obi traveled to Egypt

Peter Obi

For those who do not know why Nigeria’s incoming President, Mr. Peter Obi (GCFR to-be) went to Egypt.


Egypt has the highest number of ongoing infrastructural projects in Africa. A FACT!

Egypt recently completed:

  1. The world’s largest water treatment plant,
  2. World’s largest archaeological museum,
  3. World’s 4th largest solar park,
  4. Africa’s tallest building,
  5. African’s Biggest fish farm,
  6. Africa’s Longest light rail line.

Egypt has built 10,000 factories in the last 7 years, and is constructing 34 new cities.

Yes, you heard me. Go and verify!

Egypt is currently building Africa’s:

  1. Largest Olympic Sports City,
  2. Largest Shopping Mall,
  3. Largest First space research city,
  4. 2nd largest mosque,

Calm down, e never finish o…

They are also building World’s:

  1. Largest monorail line,
  2. World’s largest beet sugar factory,
  3. Sugar strategic crops production plant,
  4. 6th largest high-speed rail line.

Peter Obi has already started work as Nigeria’s president, and you are still asking questions.

Peter Obi said he wants to use 3 days to understudy how power works in Egypt. With the intention of replicating same in Nigeria.

And the supporters of our most accomplished thieves alive in Nigeria are questioning his ability to do that within 3 days, probably based on their level of comprehension and the mental ability of their principals. They are saying it’s impossible 🤣

He said understudy…. Not going to Egypt to study Electrical Engineering 🤣😂

I blame scientist who made us believe the world is made up of just Electrons , Protons and Neutrons. They forgot to add Morons 😥

Be #OBIdient and #VotePeterObi