Why men think older women are hotter than younger girls

Older women are hotter and more appealing to most men, including young boys, and there are countless reasons for this trend.

Pardon me for this arguable assertion until you get to the end of this article. Comparing women — young and old — is definitely a weird thing to do because they’re all beautiful creatures.

However, men are known to be irrational and tend to exhibit indecisiveness when women appear within the radar.

When they’re “beautiful” and stay in shape, older women look even hotter than one can ever imagine. That’s true.

Most men think it’s the calmness and self confidence that make these women so irresistible.

Others think young girls have harder bodies but don’t know how to use them well. Now we’re talking about experience, but this isn’t about sex.

Although young girls still slay in some areas, women are like wines, they get better with age – in different aspects. Older women are respectful and they don’t play fun games though you may have to forgive my “faulty” generalization. However, this is a fact that every real man understands.

Most young boys are also joining the bandwagon with older women as soon as they realize this is about desirability, and mostly, inner beauty – not just sex.

Although young girls, of course, look more attractive when judged on their sex appeal, older women tend to have hidden qualities that’d make any man a sucker for love because men lust for sex but wish for something that lasts much longer than a few minutes.

Here are a few points to drive home our argument:

No More Risky Adventures: Older women always know where they’re going, what they’re doing about it, and how to get there; but younger girls are open to thoughtless adventures – a quality most men never stop frowning at.

They Have Proven Skills: Most young girls think being good in bed is only about having huge boobs and a pretty face. Older women know better than just lie there smiling to themselves while a man sweats it out.

They Don’t Give A S**t: Women aren’t like young girls who seek opinions and approvals on virtually everything they do. These old wines don’t waste seeking people’s validation once they make decisions.

Their Confidence Is Inspiring: They don’t blow hot and cold, take my word for it. They say it out and mean it from their hearts when they do.

Sex Gets Better With Age: Women reach their sexual peak in the late thirties, and high libido tops the agenda for real men, so why go for less when they can have more.

Older Women Understand What Privacy Means: They know exactly when to stay close for pillow talks, and what more? Their lifetime experiences means they’re good story-tellers who know when to shut up.

Bill, Bills, Bills: Now we are talking about independent women who won’t expect you to pay for every damn pleasurable moment they give. They foot their bills, and may offer a helping hand if required, simple.

They always say how they feel, contrary to most younger women who don’t know the meaning or use of dialogues.

They let you stay safe on social media: Older women won’t bother about what you do online; they won’t sniff around on your profile and care about who is in your circle of friends. Isn’t that awesome?

Instagram And Selfies Aren’t For Them: They got better things to do than spending hours each day smiling to cameras and posting mostly godforsaken pictures every minute on social media. They’d rather talk to you for a close bond.

2 thoughts on “Why men think older women are hotter than younger girls

  1. I’m partial to the They Don’t Give a Shit bullet point, lol. I dealt with enough petty, scheming, sarcasm and suspicion in my younger days. No kind of thing I have time for anymore.