Why is knack trending in Nigeria?

A good knowledge and use of Nigerian slangs that will make you sound street smart, even when the words don’t make sense all.

Nigeria is a fascinating place to live; but to survive, you will need to be street smart and also learn the language of the street. Nigerians use several slangs while conversing with others, not just for the fun of it, because a large number of people are poorly educated and unable to speak fluent English. So, these slangs (pidgin) provide a balance between the educated and illiterate ones.

But interestingly, the educated class use it even more and better.

These slangs have therefore become popular and widely accepted by the people. So, as you move around, you’ll hear people using these slangs, and your inability to understand or use the words could make you vulnerable to cheats or criminals. Moreover, the slangs give you a sense of belonging and can also get you out of trouble sometimes.

Note: It is not just about saying the slangs, how much attitude you have while saying it also matters. Here are some slangs you will need to survive in Nigeria and their meaning.

1. No wahala

When you here no wahala, it simply means no trouble or no worries.

2. Wetin

This means ‘what’. When someone asks, ‘Wetin you talk,’ they are asking, ‘What did you say?’

3. Fall my hand

When someone tells you, ‘no fall my hand’, they mean ‘don’t disappoint me’ or ‘don’t let me down.’

4. Pepper don rest

Pepper here, refers to money. So, when someone says ‘pepper don rest’ he or she is simply saying, ‘money has come’ or ‘I have gotten a lot of money’.

5. I go change am for you

Don’t think the speaker is talking about the kind of change promised Nigerians. The speaker is asking you to be careful and not annoy him or you’ll be dealt with.

6. Comot for road

It simply means get out of the way, leave the road, give way.

7. Gobe

This simply means trouble.

8. Na me be dis?

Is this really happening to me?

9. You don kolo

That means “you’ve gone crazy.”

10. Bad belle

If someone calls you bad belle, they are saying you’re jealous.

That said, what is “knack?” The word has been trending on Twitter and more people are asking, “What’s this madness about knack?”

Knack, as a verb, could mean (a) to gift or “bless” someone with something such as money, car, job, promotion etc (b) to have sex with someone (c) to diabolically inflict someone with a terrible disease. While there are many explanations to “knack”, it is widely used in terms of money and sex as can be seen in the following Twitter posts:

And some asked on Nairaland.com, “Why is knacking so sweet after smoking weed?” Here are some of the responses:

NiRfreak: Knacking wetin? Your coconut head?

spinna: Evertyhing good is better with it.. eating,sleeping, working, pooping sef


Because you are jobless – l mean real qualified job. Your brain happens to be premature and lacks substance, dreams, and quantitative reasoning.

Like I will say based on facts across human samples, your chances of making it in life is very slim, this you cannot change, it’s more of poverty and struggled entangled into your existence.

I know it’s really fun having sex, but that’s the only thing you were created for – going up and down in life.

If you don’t get it, forgerrrrrit