Why Australia should be in your bucket list of perfect tour destinations

Australia is every tourist’s dreamland despite its smaller size when compared to the United States. For lots of reasons, travellers to most Australian cities find it difficult to resist the temptation of residing permanently in the country. It is therefore not surprising that the country’s most productive sector is tourism, which contributed A$47.5 billion (3% of GDP) in 2015.

In Australia, domestic tourism makes up nearly 75% of the tourism industry. About 7.5 million people reportedly visited the country in 2015. The booming tourism sector offers employment to about 600,000 workers concentrated mostly in popular coastal cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, among other locations with iconic sites such as the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock, and Tasmanian wilderness.

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Sydney Opera House (Source: Planet Ware)

Here are few reasons you should make Australia your next travel location:

The Atmospheric Condition

The weather condition in Australia appeals to almost every visitor. For example, summer lasts about 340 days with an average temperature of 26° which surprisingly stays around 16° during winter. There are, without doubts, a few places around the world with such unique climate. This makes Australia one of the best places you can visit for explorative outdoor trips.

What makes Australia the best location for tourists?

Australia is rated top on the list of countries with “most liveable” cities. It is exceptional as a big island beautified with the most isolated beaches, which are safe, clean with pure white sand, and very good for your surfing games. Australian beaches are also considered among the world’s best tourist attraction sites—especially for those who want to break free from the madding crowd.

Apart from the fact that Australia has a high employment rate, humane government hierarchy, invisible class divide and more proactive human rights protection laws, you are less likely to be attacked or killed in any Australian city. Gun control laws have significantly reduced or eliminated gun violence compared to the United States.

Tourist Attractions

  1. Great Barrier Reef: This landmark location is one of the most visited spots in Australia. It is a well-guarded 2,000-kilometer marine site situated near Queensland’s northern coast. Considered one of the safest marine sites you will ever find in the world, the Great Barrier Reef has dreamlike coral beach islands that nature lovers will find amazing. It is a perfect location for lovers, divers and underwater photographers due to its unique colours and awe-inspiring landscape.
  2. The Kimberleys: This location is beautiful, ancient and strategic for its mountain ranges, rough gorges and steep ridges. Visitors to this site find its waterfalls and sparkling lake very attractive and memorable.
  • Gold Coast: Visitors to South Eastern part of Queensland will find its canals and waterways one of the best architectural marvels. In addition, the beaches are perfect for surfing but a night in the bubbling city makes it a centre of attraction. Visiting Gold Coast is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should have.
  1. Sydney Opera House: This iconic site was designed by John Utzon, a 20th century architect from Denmark. Thousands of tourists across the globe visit Sydney Opera House every day to catch a glimpse of this magnificent building. It was acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Building in 2007. Honeymooners find it suitable for love.
  2. Uluru: In this location, tourists in Australia will find Ayers Rock, which offers unique experience with constantly changing colours in daylight. The rock considered world’s largest. It measures 3.6km in length, 348 meters high and 1.9km in width.
  3. The Barossa Valley: Located in the southern part of Australia, the Barossa Valley is famous for its major produce—tasty wines. The wine-producing area is famous as a home to many wine-making companies such as Penfolds Grange.
  • Kakadu National Park: This is situated in the northern part of Australia. Kakadu National Park is renowned for its long list of Aboriginal cultural sites, including hundreds of art sites which are over 20,000 years old.

Other attractive locations in Australia are: The Great Ocean Road, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge etc. Other features found appealing by tourists are:

Affordability: The cost of flying to Australia may be high or low depending on visitors’ point of departure, but once you arrive the country, there are lots of options to begin with. One remarkable difference between Australia and other countries is the availability of cheap transport mediums, low-cost accommodation, and an affordable cost of living. Whether you chose a hostel accommodation or a 5-star hotel, finding that desired comfort won’t cost you an extra penny.

Language: Your ease of movement is guaranteed because Australians speak English.